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Edu005 Sustainable Scholars Program - Returned

Posted by Meredith Moore on June 17, 2020

The Edu005 Sustainable Scholars Program recommendation was returned to the Education SWATeam on 6/9/2020. 

Morgan White writes, "Thank you for submitting the attached Edu005: Sustainability Scholars Program recommendation to the iCAP Working Group! The iWG agrees that, conceptually, this is a good proposal, and we are appreciative of the time and effort of the team to develop this recommendation. A few questions arose out of the iWG meeting on April 27, and we would like them addressed in order to fully evaluate this recommendation.

  • How does the proposed Sustainability Scholars Program compare to the existing James Scholar Program?
  • What are the requirements to participate in the program? Who would qualify?
  • Who do you suggest would implement and oversee the program?

Providing additional information to supplement this recommendation will help clarify details necessary for future discussions for implementation. Thank you for your effort!"


See the submittal of the Edu005 Sustainable Scholars Program. The original recommendation is attached.