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Final Report: successes, areas for improvement, and feedback

Posted by Daphne Hulse on November 28, 2022

On November 28, 2022 during the weekly Internal Coca-Cola meeting the group reviewed the attached final report.

Important takeaways:

  • 280 lbs of recycling was collected (cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles), with an event diversion rate of 10.6%. With just incremental changes (student volunteers, recycling bin infrastructure in the upper concourse, and the implementation of blue recycling bags), we achieved this! An even greater diversion rate would not be difficult to achieve.
  • Organizing student volunteers into a shift-based system would cut volunteer time per student, streamline the volunteer training process, and simplify volunteer roles. We could incentivize pre- and post-game volunteerism with tickets to the game.
  • Stronger, more durable blue recycling bags are needed for future events if we are going to have student volunteers handling them; they leak easily otherwise.
  • Dedicate a group of volunteers to just post-game collection from the stands. There is a huge opportunity to collect recyclables left in the cup holders.
  • Feedback from volunteers and attendees was very positive:
    • In a post-event survey released to attendees, 300+ responses showed the following:
      • 51% of attendees were aware that this was a recycling-focused event.
      • 55% of attendees did recycle their bottles and/or cans.
      • 83% of attendees would support future recycling events at State Farm Center.
      • General comments indicated overall support for seeing the volunteers in action and support for the implementation of permanent recycling containers at the facility.

Next steps:

  • Between F&S and DIA, determine how a recycling receptacle can be placed near the facility so blue recycling bags can be separated from the trash compactor located below the facility.
  • Draft a proposal for permanent recycling bin locations and the associated cost.
  • Look into Coca-Cola beverage sales (20oz and 12oz) and compare this to an estimate of how many were recycled. Coca-Cola and the University would like to see a 100% recycling rate for their products.
  • Plan for the next event! Likely spring 2023¬†during the basketball season. Big Ten?