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LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers - Declined

Posted by Miriam Keep on October 11, 2023

The following response was received from John Marquardt on October 16, 2023:


Good Afternoon,


Thank you for the recommendation to install permeable surfaces in the State Farm Center parking lots.  I am pleased to report that State Farm Center has recently resurfaced two of its lots with permeable pavements, the SE Lot following the renovation of State Farm Center in 2016, and most recently the NE lot in 2021.


Project specifications from the most recent lot renovation list the following description and statistics about how this project (and the SE project in 2016) addressed permeability concerns of the lots:


“A total of approximately 12,500 square feet of permeable pavement was installed in the NE lot.  As detailed on the plans, the pavement section will include a consistent 5” of porous asphalt on top of variable thickness permeable aggregate (varying from 8” to 24”). A single 12” underdrain will run the entire length of permeable pavement patch, and a controlled 6” outlet pipe will be connected to the existing and adjacent 36” storm sewer via a new manhole. While soil types in this area will only allow for very minimal infiltration, the drainage rock will provide enough inherent storage to detain the 1-year, 1-hour storm event. The available storage is approximately 7,000 CU FT and the storm runoff volume for this event is 6,775 CU FT. “


State Farm Center will be resurfacing the NW and SW parking lots in 2025 as part of planned and budgeted R&R operations. We fully anticipate that these projects will be completed with similar specifications to ensure that they are environmentally conscious with regard to permeability and other factors.


Thank you for your time and concern.


Read the iWG transmittal for LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers.