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PWR016 Motion Sensor Lighting - Submittal

Posted by Laura Schultz on May 1, 2019

The PWR SWATeam compiled the following recommendation:

"The PWR & ECBS SWATeams kindly request the installation of Motion Sensor Lighting in all buildings. This would be done gradually so F&S does not become burdened by the switch. The main targets for motion sensor lighting in buildings would be public spaces, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, rest rooms,
discussion/collaboration spaces, classrooms, etc.
• In conjunction with ECBS, PWR would like to recommend that all campus buildings be gradually retrofitted to use motion sensor lighting wherever possible, as well as enforce the policy for new buildings and remodels to use motion sensor lighting. We suggest that the installation of motion sensors should be the
default option and to be pursued unless there is a reason not to do so.
• This switch would occur during mainly during replacement and upgrading of light switches in all buildings and or during remodeling. Such a switch needs to be implemented gradually, replacing the current switches as they stop working or become obsolete, which will lower energy usage.
• The University would procure the motion sensors through a contracted vendor like Grainger or HD Supply. Ordering in bulk, which would give Purchasing more leverage to negotiate a bulk discount."

See attached the SWATeam recommendation PWR016 Motion Sensor Lighting with comments from PWR SWATeam members.

An iCAP Working Group assessment of this recommendation began on July 2, 2019.