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Student Weatherization Assessment Program Plan

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 30, 2011

This pilot program will take place in the Spring 2011 and Fall 2011 semesters with the objective of creating and sustaining a student weatherization program.  The program will involve assessments of campus buildings, which will be performed and reported by teams of trained University of Illinois students. Facilities & Services will receive these weatherization reports and use them internally for project assessment and discussion with relevant teams. A letter of support from Facilities & Services is attached to this memorandum.

Students will be trained to complete audits in order to obtain baseline data and make recommendations for weatherization improvements to Facilities & Services. Audit data will be entered into Excel spreadsheets, for example, to allow for of quantitative and qualitative analysis of results.

Audit areas will include building envelope, lighting, water, and waste. Follow up audits will be conducted to evaluate the program’s success.  Information from these audits will create a valuable body of information to guide future sustainability initiatives.

Details in this plan are drawn from similar successful programs at the University of California at Berkeley and Colorado University at Boulder.

  • The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) will provide $20,000 in funding in order to:
  • Provide for a student intern to assist Facilities & Services in running the program.
  • Pay student teams to conduct assessments Meet miscellaneous costs, as needed, including expenses to assess successfulness of implemented recommendations, tools, equipment, etc.

Facilities & Services will provide:

  •  A member of either the Maintenance or Energy Services division to supervise and provide resources to the intern coordinating the program.
  • Workers and materials necessary to implement improvements.