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Weekly Resiliency Team Meeting

Posted by Stacy Gloss on April 7, 2022

Present: Meredith Moore, Morgan White, and Stacy Gloss

Gloss reported on the following:

  • Green Infrastructure Mapping: Lisa Merrifield met with Illinois EPA and partners at the end of March to discuss the mapping project. Meetings will be held with NCSA soon about feasibility and next steps.
  • Gloss notified Lisa Merrifield that she is available to help with Biodiversity Plan
  • DFA advising on-going. Their upcoming presentation is April 27 on E-waste in Siebel Center for Design
  • Final report from Ann Witmer's capstone course is expected: A student consulting team is developing a report on renewable energy technologies that can be adopted through a campus local-offset program
  • Gloss and Moore will present  to GEEB on April 26 on environmental justice


  • SSC semesterly reporting requirement for NGICP training is due July 1; Gloss will email campus NGICP participants.
  • Sustainability Clinic recommendation meeting next steps;
  • Working to understand Extension's role in environmental concerns / environmental justice.  White, Gloss, and Moore will work to meet with Shibu Kar as an introduction between the Resilience Team and Extension on iCAP resilience goals, environmental justice planning, and support for programs like a sustainability clinic

Tasks (Gloss):

  • Help with agenda for next resilience team meeting & update the gantt chart for meeting resilience goals
  • Attend next Land & Water team meeting if available (related to potential campus master plan for rainwater management & relationship to/with community coordinated rainwater master plan)
  • Attend the iWG meeting as resilience team rep for Environmental Justice iCAP recommendation