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ZW002 Join NERC Government Recycling Demand Champions - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on February 10, 2022

Aaron Finder, Assistant Director of the Purchasing and Contracts Management office, sent the following email on 2/9/22:


Hi Meredith,

I have met with NERC a couple time to get a better understanding of NERC and its Government Recycling Demand Champions program. Their Director, Lynn Rubinstein, and I discussed membership levels and the Purchasing and Contracts Management Office will join NERC as a “Supporting Member.”

Through our membership with NERC, we will also have the ability to participate in 4 active committees:

  1. Plastic & Paper Recycling Markets
  2. Bottle Bill Committee (Charge more for plastic at purchase but receive money back if you recycle)
  3. Glass Committee
  4. Organics – End Markets (Compost)

There will be limitations on how many participants we can invite to committee meetings or NERC conferences, but Lynn did say I could include at least one committee member (i.e. Tim Stark or Zero Waste Coordinator) if we participate in any event.  

After we become members, we will become a  State Recycling Organization Advocate within the Government Recycling Demand Champions program. This means we will commit to helping publicize the program and promote purchasing of products with post-consumer resin to their members and the public. While we are developing our EPP Guide, this seems to be the most appropriate classification.

I’ll let you know once our membership dues have been paid. I’m also sharing a couple documents Lynn provided.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Aaron M Finder, mba cppb


For future updates, see State Recycling Organization Advocate NERC project page here.