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ZW003 GreenerOffice Delivery Service Enrollment - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on September 28, 2021

Jenny Kokini, Managing Director of iSEE, responded to Morgan White with the following email:


Dear Morgan,

iSEE will be happy to pilot the GreenerOffice Delivery Service offered by Office Depot.

As a matter of fact, Amy, tried to place her first order today to Office Depot using the GreenerOffice Delivery Service. But no such option was given.  So, she went to office depot outside the iBuy and found the page to sign up for.  A form needs to be filled out.  Amy put a service desk request ticket with purchasing to see if this can be implemented at University level given that it references University account.  If Purchasing rejects filling out the form giving campus level GreenerOffice Delivery option, then Amy will fill out the form giving just iSEE the option of the GreenerOffice Delivery Service.

Best wishes,



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