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Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet) (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 4/16/2020

    Thank you to everyone who joined us live or watches later on the CCNet Facebook page!  We enjoyed a great turnout for the Tree Campus USA Celebration, with about 35 people on the Zoom call and a reach of 365 on Facebook.

  • 1/23/2020

    University Landscape Architect, Brent Lewis, provided an overview of recent efforts to make the U of I campus more pollinator friendly at the CCNet brown bag lunch this month.  Topics included:



Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet) is a volunteer-led organization that hosts open discussions in the community. It is designed to provide a forum where business leaders and citizens can learn about new technology, ideas and business models associated with the emerging trend toward sustainability. It is an organization that seeks to build local knowledge and networks and to highlight local talent, resources and innovations. It seeks to position our community as a leader in sustainability while improving the quality of life for the citizens of Champaign County.


CCNet's mission is to enable a knowledgeable, inclusive community through voluntary group discussion activities. CCNet therefor serves to:

  1. Promote discussion topics as inclusively as possible.
  2. Shepherd the discussions to maximize constructive and enjoyable conversation.
  3. Reflect the discussions back to the participants to ensure shared understanding.
  4. Document and disseminate information and outcomes to make the community more self-aware and to build resources for community promotion.

Project Team

  • Team Members:

    • Andy Robinson
    • Morgan White
    • Scott Tess
    • Larry Wood
    • Leslie Mitchell
    • Tim Montague
    • Marcus Ricci
    • Stacy Gloss