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FY09 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades (Completed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 6/30/2010

    Bike parking is essential for supporting green commuters as well as raising awareness and supporting biking on campus.

  • 11/7/2009

    Morgan Johnston, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator at F&S, requested $10,600 from the Student Sustainability Committee to upgrade the bike parking areas in three areas on campus.  This request included a departmental contribution of


The goal of this project is to provide standard bicycle parking at three locations on campus: Freer Hall, the Undergraduate Library, and the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building.  This will encourage bicycle riding and support the Campus Area Transportation Study (CATS) mission “to better accommodate pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicle movements in a more user-friendly environment.”  This is also one of the amenities recommended by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Multi-Modal Transportation Study recommendation to “provide other amenities to accommodate existing bicyclists and attract new ones.”


The three locations in this proposal are selected due to their relationship with other bicycle initiatives, prominent location, or immediate need.  Freer Hall is home to the only campus owned bicycles, which should be provided with appropriate bicycle parking, to protect the University’s assets.  The Undergraduate Library is located in the heart of campus, and a majority of students use their building regularly.  The bicycle racks in this location will be seen by and used by campus visitors, students, faculty, and staff.  The Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building has a complete lack of appropriate bicycle parking.  Students riding a bicycle to this building have no options for securing the bike, so a rack should be provided to fill this need.

There is no fund available at Facilities & Services or elsewhere on campus to provide bicycle parking in built-up locations.  New bicycle parking areas are only installed through the construction of a new building or with individual department funds.  There are many locations on campus with old inappropriate racks which cause damage to bicycles that use them, or a complete lack of racks which cause cyclists to lock their bikes to trees and fences.  The entire campus bike parking system needs to be upgraded, and this project will implement three styles of upgrades.  At Freer Hall, we will remove old dangerous racks, and install new inverted loops in existing concrete.  At the Undergrad Library, we will remove unused benches and install inverted loops in existing pavers.  At the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building, we will install a free standing rack with five loops.  The project will bring experience with the installation processes, so future bike parking selections can be determined with full knowledge of the costs and timeframes.


The impacts are already visible: the racks at the Undergraduate Library are nearly always full, while the racks at Freer are used by not only students at Freer Hall, but students living at the Busey-Evans Residence hall as well. The Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building rack also remains full throughout the day.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Morgan Johnston

    Team Members:

    • Tom Abram
    • Matt Edmonson
    • Jeff Schrader
    • Suhail Barot
    • Grace Kenney


  • Proposed October 15, 2008
    Proposed by Morgan Johnston
    Approved January 14, 2009
    Approved by Suhail Barot
    Started January 30, 2009
    Started by Morgan Johnston
    Completed November 30, 2009
    Completed by Grace Kenney


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