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Urbana Park District (UPD) Climate Action, Resilience, Education and Sustainability (CARES) Plan (Ongoing)

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The Urbana Park District's Climate Action, Resilience, Education and Sustainability (CARES) Plan sets actionable goals for reducing the district's carbon footprint, offsetting local impacts of climate change, and improving air and water quality as well as biodiversity. This five-year plan, for 2021-2026, centers on breaking down information barriers and creating a healthier, safer, and more resilient community for all the humans, plants, and animals that call Urbana home.


The Board of Commissioners, park district staff, stakeholders, and community members assisted the CARES Steering Committee in the plan’s creation over the past eight months. The foundation of the plan’s goals and objectives are three planning pillars:

  1. Communicating Climate Action underscores the Urbana Park District’s commitment to serve as a community leader and role model for climate action—through internal practices, public outreach & programs, and collaborative partnerships.
  2. Protecting & Strengthening Our Natural Environment reinforces the Urbana Park District’s responsibility to care for the health of humans, plants, animals, ecosystems & the climate—by reducing our carbon footprint, stewarding biodiversity & natural areas, and improving air & water quality.
  3. Conserving Resources highlights the Urbana Park District’s dedication to the sustainability of natural resources—through conserving energy & water, using clean energy, reducing waste, and increasing recycling & reuse.

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  • Primary Contact:

    Kara Dudek


  • Approved April 15, 2021
    Approved by Urbana Park District’s Board of Commissioners