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Student Mobility on and around the Illinois campus (In Progress)


As different generations of individuals change and evolve, so may their transportation habits. However, it’s still an open question as to why younger individuals are shifting to driving less and owning fewer cars. On a college campus, students learn how to depend less on cars and more on public transit, bicycles, and walking.

This study aims to better understand how students learn to be independently mobile. A pilot study conducted in 2018 found that Illinois students significantly changed their transportation habits while attending college. The surveys and focus groups conducted for this research will contribute to the iCAP goals with regards to reducing carbon emissions through travel on and around campus.

Purpose of the Work: Campus Connection

The University of Illinois’ Transportation SWATeam, in collaboration with iSEE and Facilities & Services, has been working to develop and survey commuter populations on campus. The results of current and future findings of this project — seed-funded by iSEE in early 2019 — will be used to help determine the best future projects for reducing transportation-related carbon emissions on campus.  

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Julie Cidell, Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science