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Plantings at Dorner Drive Retention Pond (In Progress)

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In connection with the Resilient Landscape Strategy and the Illinois Climate Action Plan, this project is aimed at enhancing one of the few water features on campus—the Dorner Drive Retention Pond.  This rainwater collection site is also a destination for several students who like to picnic on the side of the pond, and it is immediately adjacent to the Red Oak Rain Garden (RORG). This project is to renew the Dorner Drive pond and incorporate native plants throughout the surrounding area, to enhance the sustainability and increase wildlife habitat.


Dorner Drive Retention Pond was installed approximately 20 years ago with the intention of mowing the surrounding turf. Approximately 10 years ago, the site was designated as low-mow, which was great for eliminating the use of gasoline, but allowed several species of invasive plants to spread throughout the area. Current discussions between F&S and Illinois Extension include converting low-mow areas to high quality prairie vegetation, and Dorner Drive Retention Pond is the first pilot site.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Eliana Brown

    Team Members:

    • Morgan White
    • Eliana Brown
    • Frank Colacicco
    • Brent Lewis
    • Erin Harper
    • Layne Knoche
    • Ryan Welch


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