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Burrill/ Morrill Walkway (Completed)


This project is meant to transform the walkway between Burrill and Morrill Halls into a sustainable and multifunctional landscape. The walkway formerly had planters with a few, mostly non-native species. The walkway’s impervious concrete also had the problem of collecting rainwater and flooding. This area is high in student pedestrian traffic and is a part of the “Million Dollar Tour” that prospective donors to the University take while visiting campus.

In order to make the space more aesthetically attractive and sustainable, native shrubs, ferns, and woodland species that will do well in shady conditions were introduced to the walkway. Later, on October 20, 2012, as an iHelp volunteer project, approximately 15 students planted woodland species in the northern planters under the direction of John Marlin.

In order to curb the rainwater collection problems of the water, a rain garden had been proposed to be added to the center of the walkway.  The benefits of rain gardens outside of eliminating localized flooding include improving water quality, creating habitats, and recharging groundwater. However, the rain garden project was cancelled in 2014 due to funding constraints.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Eliana Brown

    Team Members:

    • Sarah Lovell-Taylor
    • Anna Hochlater
    • John Marlin
    • Ryan Welch
    • Carl Wegel


  • Proposed April 4, 2012
    Approved April 23, 2012


Project Location(s)

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