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Projects Updates for Plantings at Dorner Drive Retention Pond

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  1. Archived Info - Previous Project Description

    In connection with the Resilient Landscape Strategy and the Illinois Climate Action Plan, this project is aimed at enhancing one of the few water features on campus—the Dorner Drive Retention Pond.  This rainwater collection site is also a destination for several students who like to picnic on the side of the pond, and it is immediately adjacent to the Red Oak Rain Garden (RORG). This project is to renew the Dorner Drive pond and incorporate native plants throughout the surrounding area, to enhance the sustainability and usability of the site. 

  2. Meeting Minutes from Pollinator Call (07-12-2021)

    On July 12, 2021, Adam Dolezal, May Berenbaum, Layne Knoche, Eliana Brown, Morgan White, and Avery Maloto met over Zoom to discuss pollinator efforts on campus. The conversation included topics such as: Bloom Calendar, Red Oak Rain Garden, Dorner Drive Retention Pond, Setting up a BioBlitz, and more.

    See the attached file to view the minute notes. 

  3. Project Update


    From: Knoche, Layne Harrison <lknoch2>
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 2021 9:20 AM
    To: Welch, Ryan B <rbwelch>; Brown, Eliana <brown12>; Pankau, Ryan C <rcpankau>; Harper, Erin Elizabeth <harper7>; Lewis, Brent C <bcl>; White, Morgan <mbwhite>
    Subject: Dorner Drive Retention Pond Project Update


    Hi all,


    Ryan Welch, Ryan Pankau, Eliana, and I met on Wednesday to discuss a planning moving forward with the Dorner Drive Retention Pond transition to higher-quality prairie plantings. Ryan(s) & Eliana, let me know if any of this needs edited.



    1. Early April – begin treatment of areas of Thistle with selective herbicide. Could take 3 applications. Also treat areas under tree canopies – cut and treat mulberries, honeysuckle, etc.
    2. Through summer – in preparation for fall installation of high-quality prairie seed mix, keep entire Dorner Drive Retention Pond area mowed to prevent any additional weed seed.
    3. September 1 – begin non-selective herbicide application over entire area to be seeded with high-quality prairie seed mix. Repeat herbicide application where needed 10 days later.
    4. Late September, Early October – install high-quality prairie seed mix into thatch left from dead existing foliage.


    • Herbicide application by F&S: ~$100 per acre per application, includes time and material.
    • $2,000 allotted from ICECF Community Stewardship Challenge Grant.

    Action Items:

    • Eliana will put in a work order.
    • Ryan Welch will walk the site to get a good idea of the scope.
    • Look into pre-emergent application this spring. Is this necessary? Would need to be applied in the near future.
    • Finalize seed drill plans for fall installation of prairie seed mix.
      • This will work drilling into dead thatch, right?
    • Brainstorm ideas for temporary (and permanent?) signage while September herbicide applications are occurring, while prairie is establishing.

    Thanks everyone, and let me know if there are any questions,


    layne knoche
    Visiting Extension Outreach Associate
    Cooperative Extension Service
    College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Administration
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    276 National Soybean Research Center
    1101 W Peabody Dr
    Urbana, IL 61801

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