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Edu003 Sustainability Career Fair - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on June 15, 2021

Jennifer Neef, Director of the Career Center, responded to Meredith Moore and agreed to collaborate to incorporate sustainability into the Career Fairs, per the message below on 6/30/20.


Hello Meredith,

Thanks for a great conversation.

The Career Center supports the iCAP Education goal of helping student finding meaningful employment related to sustainability. Our mission is to provide students with impactful services and resources that empower them to pursue career opportunities aligned with their interests, skills, values, and talents. I look forward to working with you and members of the task force in the coming year.

Jennifer M. Neef


See transmittal of Edu003 Sustainability Career Fair.
See SWATeam recommendation and submittal of Edu003 Sustainability Career Fair.

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