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Energy001 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on November 13, 2020

Doug Wolters, the ACES Director of Operations, responded to Morgan White, co-chair of the iWG, with the following email:


Good morning Morgan,

Many thanks to you and your team for your work on the development of the iCAP 2020!

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) has a long standing commitment to sustainability and is fully supportive of the iCAP goals and specifically the SWATeam recommendation to “conduct a Feasibility Study to construct and operate an anaerobic digester on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.”

As noted in the recommendation, the feasibility study should be incorporated into the planning phase of the new Dairy Farm project.  Although the 2017 Campus Master Plan indicates a new Dairy Farm at Lincoln Avenue extended, the timing and funding of this project are yet to be determined, confirming several of the comments and perceived challenges identified in the iWG Assessment and SWATeam Recommendation regarding the need to consider such items as project timing, funding, return on investment, resource allocation, and other financial impacts. 

All the best,



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