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LW003 Certified Green Building Certification - Declined

Posted by Meredith Moore on November 14, 2022

The LW003 Certified Green Building Certification was declined and returned to the team on April 16, 2022 with the following message. 


Hello Land and Water iCAP Team,

Thank you for your continued efforts toward making our campus more sustainable and advocating for the iCAP 2020 objectives for Land and Water!  The attached recommendation (LW003 Certified Green Building Certification) has been declined by the iCAP Working Group (iWG).  The iWG reviewed this recommendation in the April 2021 and May 2021 meetings and determined it would be better to consider an awards program, preferably for individual efforts rather than buildings. 

As your team suggested, I’ll share this information with the Engagement iCAP Team, so they can consider a related recommendation for an awards program.



See the submittal of LW003 Certified Green Building Certification here.