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Education SWATeam (Proposed)

Project History

  • 4/9/2021

    The Career Center hosted a Careers in Sustainability panel which included the following panelists: Roxina Kanchwala (Eco.Logic), John Sinclair (Wisconsin DNR), Andrew Rehn (Prairie Rivers Network), and Savannah Donovan (Urbana Parks District).

  • 3/14/2021

    Interested in careers in sustainability? Join us to hear a panel discussion from industry professionals and learn how the field is changing and how to pursue sustainable careers.

    Panelists will include representatives from:


The Education SWATeam was newly formed in the Fall of 2019 by students, faculty, and staff willing to help achieve the University of Illinios iCAP 2015 goals and to contribute to the iCAP 2020. We are aware that students care passionately about sustainability and are looking for it to be incorporated into their college experience.

The members of this committee are charged with presenting projects that meet one of these three education goals:

  1. curricular education (new and/or improved courses in sustainability, minors, certificates)
  2. getting instructors to incorporate a sustainability segment into courses, perhaps as a lecture or as a student project
  3. general campus education (non-curricular, e.g. presence at events)



This team focuses on the objectives found in Chapter 6 of the 2020 iCAP:

6.1 Broaden the availability of sustainability education across the entire cirrciulum, beginning with first-year student orientation and continuing through commencement, with at lease one of the proposed methods implemented by FY24.

6.2 Establish a comprehensive online repository for courses and academic programs with sustainability content.

6.3 Launch an undergraduate Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) that includes two week-long residental intensives, pre-professional workshops, visiting speakers, and field trips to Springfield and Washington, D.C.

6.4 Develop a sustainability internship program by partering with businesses, nonprofits, local governments, and cultural institutions in Central Illinois. The total number of internships awarded will be reported each year. 

6.5 Partner with The Career Center and potentially other careeer offices in FY22 to help students explore and discover career opportunities that are connected to professional interest and goals related to sustainability component at a minimum of two events beginning in FY22.

6.6 Offer a new graduate certificate in sustainability by FY24.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Mallory Mahen

    Project Leader:

    Gillen Wood

    Team Members:

    • Sean Kennedy
    • Cheelan Bo-Linn
    • Anna Mehl
    • Natalie Bosecker
    • Eric Green
    • Blaise Torrence
    • Jayce Carlson
    • Anna Riedl