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Energy Farm LED (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates

  • 1/28/2022

    SSC received the final report on Spring 2022 for Energy Farm LED project on 1/15/22. 

  • 8/18/2021

    This funding allowed for the removal of outdated fixtures, upgraded lighting fixtures to LED, and decreased the per fixture energy consumption while increasing the overall light levels to an acceptable workspace benefiting the University users.


In 2010, grant funding from the Energy Biosciences Institute established buildings that support the research, education, and operations of the Energy Farm.  This facility is utilized by students and researchers in biofuel and sustainability research.  HID lighting in the main high bay work area has been measured to be well below minimum standards for a safe and efficient work space. 

This project will upgrade fixtures from HID to LED and also install occupancy sensors in workspaces that are observed to remain lit well after activities have concluded by the occupants. 

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Tim Mies

    Project Leader:

    Tim Mies