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iWG Meeting 7-22-21

Posted by Meredith Moore on July 30, 2021

The iCAP Working Group met on 7-22-21. Attached are the meeting minutes. The agenda was as follows: 

  1. Introductions
  2. Energy006
    1. Update on Freezer Challenge (Paul Foote) ~4 min
    2. Update on Greener Labs Inventory Toolkit (Morgan White) ~4 min
    3. Energy Team introduce the recommendation (Bill Rose, Andy Stumpf) ~8 min
    4. Group discussion ~10 min
  3. Energy007
    1. Overview of Energy Management Plan (Rob Roman) ~6 min
    2. Energy Team introduce the recommendation (Bill Rose, Andy Stumpf) ~8 min
    3. Group discussion ~45 min
      1. Should the scope only utilize existing technology?
      2. Do we want project-specific preliminary costs or prorated estimates based on historical costs?
      3. Does this document need stakeholder engagement?
      4. This is for meeting the 2050 iCAP goal.
      5. Should this document include net-zero space aspects or should it utilize an anticipated growth percentage?
      6. How does deferred maintenance interact with this plan?
      7. What scenarios would we like to see? For example, what if every new building on campus had to be net-zero energy?
  4. Overview of vision for iCAP Teams this academic year (Meredith Moore) ~5 min
    1. Enhanced interaction about the iCAP
    2. Standard recommendations from topical teams – encourage small-scale recommendations that will get to more campus units/groups
    3. Active participation at Campus Sustainability Celebration – afternoon of 10/20/21
    4. Increase connections with other groups – Student Affairs, SSLC, etc.

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