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March 2017 Sustainability Council Recommendations & Next Steps

Posted by Kate Gardiner on April 25, 2017

Director of iSEE, Evan DeLucia, summarized three recommendations presented at the March 2017 Sustainability Council meeting: EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard, EGen003 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Timeline, and ECons003 Conservation Budget, as well as the next steps, for Chancellor Jones’ approval.

We followed up with the Sustainability Council on April 25, 2017, with the attached file.

See Transmittal of EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

See iWG Assessment for SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard here.

See SWATeam recommendation EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standards here.

See Transmittal of EGen003 PPA term to the Sustainability Council here.

See iWG Assessment of EGen003 PPA Term here.

See SWATeam recommendation EGen003 PPA Term here.

See Transmittal of ECONS003 Conservation Budget to the Provost Office

See iWG Assessment of ECONS003 Conservation Budget

ee SWATeam Recommendation of ECONS003 Conservation Budget