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Projects Updates for Energy Performance Contracting / ESCO

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  1. College of ACES ESCO Projects

    Response to Brian Bundren's request for a time estimate for new ACES ESCO projects.

    From: Roman, Robert Raymond

    To: Bundren, Brian

    Good Morning Brian,

    We are gathering data on recommended scope and deferred maintenance opportunities in the buildings so we can assemble a presentation for review and discussion with your office. We would seek preliminary consent to continue in the ESCO process at that time from the Provost Office. It is my understanding that Dr. Kamarah’s office is working to put together a meeting with the parties involved. Hopefully, we will be meeting within the next two to three weeks. If we gain approval, I expect that we will begin in-depth scope development to provide to the system office for bid preparations.


    Hopefully, this addresses your inquiry. If not, please feel free to contact me.


    Best Regards,


    Robert Roman
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Utilities & Energy Services (UES)
    Facilities and Services Office
    1501 S. Oak Street
    Champaign, IL 61820
    217.300.5810 | roman at


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  2. Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding - Successful

    The Energy004 recommendation was discussed at the spring 2021 Sustainability Sub-Council meeting and was then sent to UES to address. Rob Roman, F&S Director of Energy and Utility Services, sent the following response:

    “UES has had the opportunity to have discussions with the College of ACES and the Provost office regarding a large ESCO project being performed at the ACES facilities. This project has received a priority status for the Energy Performance Contracting group, who will begin working with the College on scope development of the project. The Provost Budget Office remains supportive of the ESCO initiatives.”

    See iWG assessment and transmittal of Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding here.
    See iCAP Team submittal and recommendation of Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding here. 

    For additional progress on this effort, see Energy Performance Contracting / ESCO.

  3. Sustainability Council Meeting 4-28-21

    The Sustainability Council met on April 28, 2021 and discussed the following: 

    • iCAP Dashboard
    • Post-pandemic Implications for iCAP 
    • Student Sustainability Leadership Council
    • Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Task Committee
    • Land Management
    • Overview of F&S Energy Management Plan 
    • Energy004: ACES Energy Performance Contract 

    See PowerPoint attached.

  4. iCAP Working Group Meeting 1-20-2021

    Below is the recording link for the 1-20-21 meeting. Meeting minutes to follow.

    ***Correction from recording*** Example scenario - if in the first year, College of Engineering spends $100 million on utilities and in year 5, they do work to reduce consumption by $1 million, will they get that $1 million of savings in perpetuity or for a limited time? They would get $100 million in allocation, but their utility costs would only be $99 million and they would keep the difference and be able to spend it on other budget items.

  5. Energy iCAP Team Meeting Minutes from 1-21-21

    The Energy iCAP Team had their first meeting of the Spring semester on January 21st, 2021. The meeting focused on obtaining supporting materials for a recommendation to start the Comprehensive Energy Plan, which will serve as an university-wide guide on energy conservation. A recommendation to model buildings for energy code compliance will likely be ready next month. Future discussions are planned with F&S representatives. A subcommittee of Energy team members will brainstorm concrete actions on energy efficiency in labs and residence halls. The agenda and meeting minutes are attached. 

  6. Energy iCAP Team Meeting Minutes from 12-15-20

    The Energy SWATeam met to discuss a past ESCO recommendation going through to the iWG, recently approved funding for a Building Envelope Team, and new recommendations that can be made regarding a "Comprehensive Energy Planning Document". Team members commented on a recommendation draft that would require campus buildings to have energy use models and data in order to comply with state energy codes. The Building Envelope Team has been approved for funding from the SSC and will start work next March!

    Meeting minutes and chat log are attached. 

  7. iWG Meeting Minutes from 11-18-20

    The iCAP Working Group met on November 18, 2020 and discussed energy conservation funding (Energy004) after hearing a presentation by Josh Whitson, Tony Spurlock, Rob Roman, and Karl Helmink (F&S). The meeting minutes and presentation are attached. 

  8. New ESCOs for 18 campus buildings

    A long-term energy savings plan has been developed for 18 buildings which will consist of multiple agreements with Energy Service Companies (ESCO). These efforts are focused primarily on research facilities which have large energy demands and high potential for savings. The first contract associated with the plan has been approved by the Board of Trustees for $1.4M and will evaluate Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, Engineering Sciences Building, Loomis Laboratory, Superconductivity Center, and Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory. An added benefit to these contracts is the ability to invest in upgraded systems using energy saving revenue which can improve facility operations and reduce deferred maintenance as well.