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Projects Updates for Educate Future Leaders

  1. Apply by Nov 1 for Wanxiang Fellows Program (Sustainability in China)

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    The Illinois Wanxiang Fellows Program is a competitive program open to U of I undergrad students at the Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield campuses. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to study environmental issues and renewable energy in China while gaining exposure to the Chinese language and culture. Most travel & program costs are covered.

    Yu Chuan Shen • Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

    Apply by Nov 1 for Wanxiang Fellows Program (Sustainability in China)


    Producing 25000 lbs. of tomatoes,

    now have classes there looking to work with university to teach about plants! 

    economically sustaining our own building,

    looking to expand to a new location! 

    Strong producer for the campus, and excited to grow more!

  3. methods for student engagement related to campus infrastructure

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    Students can participate with campus sustainability projects related to infrastructure in the following ways:

    • Provide concepts and ideas that then go through the formal design and implementation
    • Observe installations, if appropriate for that task
    • Monitor results, if installed in appropriately ADA accessible areas
    • Work with the dept. to provide input to design teams, if allowed by the departmental project leader
    • Propose projects to departments
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