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Projects Updates for ENG 177 GFX Global Sustainability Scholars

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  1. Student collaboration: Promotion of bicycle registration system

    Sarthak Prasad met with Shayna Talpallikar to discuss her proposal to promote bicycle registration on campus. Bicycle Registraiton has been mandatory for years, as explained in the University Bicycle Ordinance, and the university should promote it more like that. There is a new national registration system, with a one-time $10 registration fee, and it is available to all - students, faculty, staff, alumni (in C-U area), departmental bicycles, as well as the residents of Urbana, Champaign, Savoy, or any other Champaign County residents.

    Shayna expressed interest in helping us out with this project and how we can achieve it. We discussed two main ideas, and thought adding signage to major bicycle parking areas to be the best option right now. Another option was to have Bicycle Registration days or events across campus where we give out free donuts and raffle option to those who register. However, this idea was discouraged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please see attached some notes from the meeting. A recording of the meeting is also available.

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  2. Spring 2020 Project Deliverables

    Final Project Deliverables for Spring 2020

    There were 7 projects completed by the WIE-GFX Abroad Scholars in the Spring 2020 semester of ENG 177

    1. Armory Bike Path Restoration
    2. Study Abroad Carbon Offset
    3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    4. AASHE STARS Report 2020
    5. Food Waste
    6. Sustainability Best Practices Guide
    7. EPA SmartWay Program
  3. SSC Final Report: Bike Path Renovation: Armory Avenue Path South of Gregory Hall

    The construction on the path began in summer 2020 and was completed by the time students returned to campus. The old bike paths, along with hedges, overgrown evergreens, and decorative urns were removed from the area. A new 6 foot wide path was constructed and plans have been made to restore the landscape as needed. The Armory Avenue bike path is now open to use!

    This project tied in with the renovation of the entire Armory Ave bike path that connects the bike lane on Armory Ave to the bike lane on Goodwin Ave. This bike path goes through the Gregory Hall, Foellinger Auditorium, Smith Hall, IGB, and Bevier Hall.

    Please see attached the final report for this project.

    See the previous update for this project.

  4. SSC Funding Award: Bike Path Renovation: Armory Avenue Path South of Gregory Hall

    The SSC awarded $50,000 for the "Bike Path Renovation: Armory Avenue Path South of Gregory Hall". This award will expire on May, 2022. Please see attached the Funding agreement.

  5. EPA SmartWay Program presented infirst-year women in engineering class

    Abby Culloton, a freshman in Civil and Environmental Engineering, put together a project proposal for the SmartWay program and presented it on February 28th. This proposal included why being an affiliate of this program would be beneficial to campus, who/ what departments across campus would be involved, proposed objectives, and other facts that needed to be considered. 

    Attached is the full proposal.