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Projects Updates for "Don't Waste" with Coca-Cola

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  1. meeting with F&S and iSEE about Zero Waste programs

    iSEE and F&S met to discuss commodity recyclables at F&S and the interest in looking at getting Coke to buy our PET, the Zero Waste messaging campaign and potential collaboration with Coke on the messaging for our Use the Bin campaign.  Also, Coke offers a tailgate package that may be helpful in our conversations about increasing recycling at athletic events.

  2. Meeting agenda and notes

    Associated Project(s): 

    Agenda for meeting with Coca-cola national and regional team and UIUC representatives.

    • Climate Leadership Commitments and Plastic Waste Reduction
    • Coke Current Sustainability Efforts at Illinois (use of sustainability funds in current contract)
    • Coke Future Efforts to Reduce Plastic Waste
    • Enhanced sustainability collaboration between Coke and Illinois

    iSEE notes from meeting:

    Met with national & regional Coke representatives on 4/28/2022 to discuss increasing sustainable purchasing and waste management practices

    • Coke transitioning to bottles with higher content of recycled PET (rPET)
    • Support increased plastic waste collection (raw materials for rPET)
      • Reverse vending machines (RVM)– donation/reward for bottle/can recycling
      • Develop blueprints for messaging and events (social media, signage, materials for athletic events)

    Next steps

    • Connect with RVM manufacturer (Atlas Solutions) to discuss purchasing

    • Engage wit Coke partners Circular Solutions for a potential sustainability audit

  3. Vending data from 2016 to part of 2022

    Associated Project(s): 

    Heartland Coca-cola provided data from our UIUC purchases from 2016 to part of 2022. There are 3 tabs, broken out by full service, direct delivery bottle/can and BIB. 

    Here are the symbols used:

    • Dasani 20oz
    • Dasani .5L 24pk
    • Sparkling (soda) 20oz
    • 12oz sparkling cans
    • Smartwater 1L
    • Dasani 12oz
    • Core Power 14oz
    • BodyArmor 28oz
    • Powerade 28oz 32oz
    • Minute Maid Juice Bottles 12oz
    • Vitamin Water 20oz
    • Dunkin 13.7oz
    • Monster single
    • Dasani 1L
    • Core Power Elite 14oz
    • Powerade 20oz
    • Gold Peak 18.5oz
    • Smartwater 20oz IC
    Attached Files: 
  4. Planning a meeting with Coke

    Associated Project(s): 

    Lowa Mwilambwe is coordinating a meeting with representatives from Coke, to discuss sustainability options, per the discussion at the Sustainability Sub-council.  They are gathering a team that will be able to engage with our campus both short-term and long-term. 

  5. Sustainability Sub-Council Meeting Minutes 3-30-22

    The Sustainability Sub-Council met on 3-30-22 in preparation of the Sustainability Council meeting. The agenda was as follows: 

    • Introductions
    • Sustainable Land Management (for South Farms)
    • Waste Reduction Strategies
    • Updates – Campus Landscape Master Plan, Sustainability Gen Ed requirement
    • STARS report

    The meeting minutes and PowerPoint presentation are attached.