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Art- East Annex Studio 1 Daylighting (Cancelled)


The Art East Annex Studio 1 Daylighting is a proposed project to install skylights on the first floor of the Art East Annex Studio 1, which is primarily student studio classrooms and fabrication labs. This portion of the studio is a single story space, which makes skylights a great option. Skylights would be used to supplement and reduce the use of the overhead fluorescent lighting.

The grant for this project has been requested in two parts. The first would be used to install skylights in the fabrication labs on the East end of the building. The fabrication labs are primarily open during the day during the school year and are only used during the day in the summer months. The impact of the skylight installation would then be measured before the second requested grant would be used to install skylights in the studio spaces.

According to the project proposal, students in the School of Architecture Environmental Technology-Lighting course (ARCH 342) would calculate the proper quantity and placement of skylights to daylight the space. This aspect of the project will help students gain a real-world understanding of how sustainable design strategies are implemented.

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