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Bicycle Registration (Ongoing)

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Bicycle registration is primarily a method to assist with returning stolen or lost bikes when they are recovered. In Summer 2020, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Facilities & Services (F&S) department purchased a National Bicycle Registration system through Project 529 for campus and community. Learn more at Bike at Illinois' Register Your Bike page (

According to the University Bicycle Ordinance, bicycle registration is mandatory for all bicycles parked or operated on campus and owned by students, staff, faculty, University departments, community members and bike share vendors. Each bicycle owner must register his/her bicycle(s) and obtain a Registration Tag (529 Shield) for the registered bicycle from one of the Shield pick-up locations. If there is a change in ownership, the new owner must register the bicycle again.

There is a one-time $10 per bicycle registration fee. Users must pay this registration fee using the form below before proceeding to the University’s Project 529 system registration page. The Registration Fee funds will help sustain the community-wide Project 529 bicycle registration system, contribute towards bicycle program on-campus and administrative costs. Learn the benefits of registering your bicycle with the University’s Project 529 National Bike Registration system. The University Bicycle Ordinance states that the minimum fine for not registering is $25.

To register your bicycle, visit


The benefits of registering your bicycle include:

  • This is a National Bike Registration system with more than 1.5. million bicycles registered in the system, i.e. you dont have to register your bicycle again when you move to another city in US and Canada.
  • Much larger database will result in a higher chance of bicycle recovery in case of theft.
  • The tamper resistant 529 Shield (registration tag) is a theft deterrant.
  • It helps the Police Departments in the campus, community, and other cities in the US/Canada as well as their bike shops to reconnect bicycle owners with their lost or stolen bikes
  • You can be contacted if your bicycle is impounded or mistaken for abandoned
  • It helps the University to better plan for bicycles and bicycle infrastructure
  • It allows the University to communicate with bicyclists for important bicycle-related announcements - including traffic closures and events
  • This system is available to be used by the University students, staff, faculty, alumni, retirees, departments, as well as all Champaign county residents.

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Bicycle Registration in Project 529 system

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