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Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Sub-Group - Transmitted

Posted by Meredith Moore on December 3, 2021

Following the completion of iWG assessment for Engagement001 General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group, the recommendation was transmitted to the Sustainability Sub-Council (4-5-21) and Sustainability Council (4-28-21). 


Dr. Ximing Cai sent the following message to Dr. Bill Stewart on 4-14-21: 

Dear Dr. Stewart:

Greetings! I’m writing about the ongoing student senate resolution on sustainability education. As you noticed, the Engagement SWATeam submitted a recommendation to support the resolution. Thanks for your comments as attached to the end of the recommendation. The iCAP Working Group (iWG) discussed the recommendation and concluded that “The iWG supports the creation of a General Education Board task committee to discuss feasibility and implementation of a sustainability gen-ed requirement as soon as possible. This is in support of the ISG resolution, which was approved February 2020.”

The Engagement SWATeam & iWG recommendation will be presented to the Sustainability Council meeting on April 28th as a discussion item, which will go after the introduction of the resolution by a student senate representative. iSEE Interim Director Madhu Khanna and I would like to invite you to join the discussion, given that you’re familiar with the resolution, the Engagement SWATeam recommendation and your membership with General Education Board.  In particular, you’re expected to answer some questions from the Council members, as well as provide relevant information.

We assume this effort will eventually go through the Senate mechanism. iSSE/iCAP hopes to show our support & engagement since it is consistent to some major education objectives of iCAP 2020. We also hope the discussion at the Council meeting chaired by Chancellor with attendance of Provost and Deans will speed up the process.

The meeting is at 10:00-11:30 on April 28th. The particular discussion will take about 20 minutes. I will tell you later the appropriate time at which the discussion will start.

Best regards

Ximing Cai

iSEE Associate Director on Campus Sustainability


See iWG assessment of Engagement001 General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group attached.
See original recommendation and submittal of Engagement001 General Education Board SUstainability Sub-Group here.