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PWR014 Sustainability Ethics Training - Successful

Posted by Laura Schultz on August 11, 2019

Following the completion of iWG assessment for PWR014 Sustainability Ethics Training, the recommendation was transmitted to Dr. Evan DeLucia, Director of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, who agreed that this is a great recommendation. Collaboration between the Zero Waste SWATeam, iSEE Communications team, and the University Ethics Office will result in training questions and videos to be included in the annual Ethics Training for staff and faculty.

See iWG assessment of PWR014 Sustainability Ethics Training attached.  The iWG recommends: "Council: We would like to pilot this as an optional, five minute addendum to the annual Ethics Traning. SWATeams: Work with the ethics office and iWG to recmmend questions by the end of October 2019."

See SWATeam Recommendation PWR014 Sustainability Ethics Training here.

For future updates, see Sustainability Training Best Practices Video.