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Projects Updates for Water and Stormwater SWATeam

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  1. iWG meeting minutes August 28, 2015

  2. iWG meeting agenda August 28, 2015

  3. meeting minutes

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy! I have completed the minutes for the last meeting held on Wednesday, November 11th. I have attached a PDF copy of them as well as uploaded them to the Google Doc Drive. If you have a chance, please read through them, as we discussed a lot of forward movement last week and our goals leading into Spring 2015.

    In addition, it has come to my attention that the currently standing meeting time is no longer feasible for some group members. The members who participated at the last meeting proposed that with such a hectic final 3 weeks, we have one more meeting the week following Fall Break. I have attached a Doodle survey to gain consensus of what a good last meeting time would be. Please fill it out by the end of the week so I can make necessary plans before break.

    Finally, as you will see on the minutes, we discussed project proposals for preliminary testing of large scale concept recommendations. Please bring with you an idea to next meeting.

    See you soon,



    Danielle J. Thayer

    Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Attached Files: 
  4. comments on draft from Keith Erickson

    Associated Project(s): 

    This looks great

    My only comment would be to replace the cooling towers in the first slide with cooling towers from the UIUC Campus.

    I can send a picture tomorrow morning from my office.

    All the other pics on that slide appear to be from the UIUC campus which is good and adds credibility to the presentation.

    As I have said before I will be out Monday through Wednesday at a required meeting with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

    Please accept me best wishes for good luck and success on Wednesday

    Please email if you have any questions or issues



  5. semi-final draft recommendations for iCAP Forum

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hello All,

    I've attached the presentation for this Wednesday's event. Please let me know if there needs to be any changes.

    I've also included the most recent version of our iCAP recommendations. This draft includes revisions from Kishore and Keith. All are still welcome to make suggestions, but please do so soon (feel free to make them on the Google Doc. or a Word Doc. sent over email).

    Best regards,

    Amy Liu

  6. draft recommendations

    Associated Project(s): 

    The first draft of the SWAT iCAP revisions contains all the information that has been put into writing so far. Please see if you agree with the organization, content, and language of this document, though the latter has underwent very few changes. As far as content goes, I attempted to make the depth of information consistent throughout.

    I welcome any comments and additions; please share them by highlighting the target text and clicking insert>comment. This is just the easiest way to ensure that your contributions are easily tracked and accounted for.  - Amy Liu

  7. draft recommendations

    Associated Project(s): 

    Dear all,

    Adding to Kishore's, attached are the text contributions (word conversion and pdf) for storm water, organized re heirarchy of Goals, Objectives, and Strategies set out in the 'Sustainable Transportation example template'. I hope these meet our team's writing objectives in content, quality, and tone. 

    Amy, please let me know if you have any issues/questions integrating them with the main body of text. Unfortunately, and I extend very sincere apologies - but I am required to attend thesis reviews tomorrow, and the student for whom I chair a committee presents exactly at noon!

    I will look forward to seeing/hearing or reading what comes of tomorrow's meeting. And will look forward to the iCAP forum.

    Thank you,

    Mary Pat

  8. first draft recommendations

    Associated Project(s): 

    Please find attached a write-up for the iCAP. As I just returned from a long trip, and punched this out in a hurry to meet tomorrows deadline, it may need to be extensively edited and modified. But these suggestions are basically what I have to offer.

    Should we espouse a larger vision – net zero? Without a timeline as an aspirational  goal

    N. Rajagopalan PhD

    Attached Files: 
  9. funding opportunity

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Lage, Stephanie M []
    Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2014 1:54 PM
    Subject: FW: Illinois Water Resources Small Grant RFP


    From: []
    Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2014 1:47 PM
    To: Lage, Stephanie M
    Subject: Illinois Water Resources Small Grant RFP

    Mark your calendar: 

    The Illlinois Water Resources Center (IWRC) wants your proposals!

    Due: Friday, October 31, 2014

    IWRC requests proposals to fund promising graduate and undergraduate student research projects addressing Illinois water resources. We are particularly interested in projects that seek solutions for or provide novel identification of pressing water concerns in Illinois. PI's can request up to $10,000. Project duration is March 1, 2015-February 28, 2016.

    For more information visit:


    Lisa Merrifield


  10. ISTC Water Audit webinar

    Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) Water Audit Webinar – Oct. 21 at 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (web only)

    “Water Use and Conservation on Illinois College Campuses: The Ripple Effect”

    The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) are partnering to train college faculty and staff to conduct water audits on their campuses, increasing knowledge about water on college campuses, and furthering ISTC’s goal of reducing water consumption in Illinois by One Billion Gallons. To do so, IGEN and ISTC will implement a three-phase program. In the first phase of the program, IGEN will cohost a webinar with ISTC to educate interested colleges on the basics of water audits. The webinar will cover the following information:

    • Details of what a comprehensive water audit encompasses: the built environment, the campus landscaping, and the local topography/watershed;
    • Where to find specific information on water use on a college campus: what bills, what departments have information, what is metered, etc.;
    • Potential benefits of water audits: how to save money, water, and energy, and the environmental impacts; and
    • Overview of the next phases of the program and how to participate.

    Speakers will be: Megan Chery, Manager of Alliance for Water Efficiency; Aaron Dunbaugh, Director of Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago; and Michelle Maddaus, Founder and Civil Engineer with Maddaus Waste Management.

    Please register to attend the webinar at For additional information visit

    In the second phase of the program, IGEN and ISTC will arrange regional training sessions at several Illinois community colleges to train stakeholders on how to conduct a comprehensive water audit on campus. In the third phase of the program, colleges will conduct water audits on their campuses and make recommendations that will reduce water consumption and apply for grants to implement the projects.

    ISTC is a division of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  11. files from Keith Erickson

    Associated Project(s): 

    Please note the two attached files.

    One is a recent storm water study for the Mathews Avenue drainage basin.

    The other is the water use, by building type, per square foot.  We discussed this type of analysis last week, and the F&S Utility Financial Service group was able to provide the data.


  12. note from Amy and Kishore

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Rajagopalan, Nandakishore
    Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 5:36 PM
    To: Amy Liu
    Subject: RE: Update

    I think that’s a great idea. Do contact the wolverines

    From: Amy Liu
    Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 5:13 PM
    To: Thayer, Danielle J
    Cc:; Nishant Makhijani
    Subject: Re: Update

    Hi all,

    I will probably be unable to attend tomorrow's meeting due to a time conflict with SSC. 

    Along the lines of something I conveyed before, there are minor differences between the inputs we've entered for UIUC water use and the data that is shared in "iCAP Water Emissions". These might need to be resolved in order to propose the most useful benchmarks. And for our special interest University of Michigan, I am considering whether I should contact someone from their water institute to gather more information about their use statistics and strategies. I assume that such information will be be more related to our later goals. Let me know what you think.

    Best regards,

    Amy Liu

  13. notes about stormwater and targets

    Associated Project(s): 

    Dear SWATwater team and Ben,

    Good morning, unfortunately I have to attend another meeting (today 10/1 & again 10/15) during our swat water meeting time. I'm truly sorry for my absence today. 

    I've attached my notes on the storm water aspect of the reduction/re-use goals and scenarios, with a draft list of recommended steps/studies to support moving forward through planning and design. I hope these goals and strategies hit the level of information needed at this point, supporting 5) d. of Kishore's handout. They can be translated into the recommendation format for future iCAP working group review, post Oct 22.

    Ben, I'm sorry to miss the chance to meet you today - I look forward to the next opportunity. 

    And I look forward to any comments from the team.

    Very best,

    Mary Pat

    Mary Pat Mattson, RLA, ASLA

    Assistant Professor : Department of Landscape Architecture

    College of Fine and Applied Arts : UIUC

  14. meeting update

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hello everyone,

    I have updated the SWAT folder with the new minutes and documents that have been being passed around.

    Just a reminder, 2 weeks ago, we spoke about how we may want to utlize our volunteers moving forward, and also, about reaching out to other faculty/ staff at UIUC to get an expert opinion on some of our ideas for the new iCAP goals. Since we have 3 meetings left until the Campus Sustainability Day deadline, establishing these decisions this week so that we have 2 weeks to coordinate might be beneficial. (I can also assist in reaching out to persons we are interested in to save you some time once we establish a date).

    Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st in NSRL room 358 at 12 pm. I will see you all there.

    Have a great day,


  15. note from Amy Liu

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi Kishore,

    The spreadsheet is very helpful, many thanks. 

    I quickly combed through the document and didn't find any errors in calculation. However, there seem to be minor differences between inputs for UIUC water use when compared to the "iCAP Water Emissions" spreadsheet Ben recently shared with us e.g 1023 mgpy vs. 1063 mgpy.  

    I might look at University of Michigan more closely later today since it's of special interest to us.

    Amy Liu

  16. draft Water targets

    Associated Project(s): 


    If you have the time, please go through the attached xlsx and see if you can catch either transcription or formulaic errors.

    Stephanie/Keith: If you have data from 2005 on water consumption per year and buildings sq. ft. age that would help us in estimating annual growth rates.


    N. Rajagopalan PhD

    Attached Files: