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FY12 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades (Completed)

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In FY12, the Student Sustainability Committee approved $225,000 to upgrade a number of bike parking locations on campus. Facilities & Services is completing the work to upgrade these locations by the end of Summer 2013.


There are about 3,000 "donut-hole" bike parking spaces on campus.  This style of bike rack is not safe for bicycle parking because the bicycles can get knocked over and bend the wheel.  Additionally, these racks are often missing the circles that were supposed to provide the holding space for individual bikes. 

The SSC has agreed to fund a major overhaul of the donut-hole spaces, to bring them up to current campus standards.  The results from the 2010 bike parking survey were used to identify the first locations to improve, and some additional funding will be needed for each location to be implemented. 

A senior in Urban Planning, Pat Clark, worked for class credit to create the proposal for the SSC, and work with the F&S staff to create the construction documents, obtain Architecture Review Committee approvals, and get construction estimates.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Stacey DeLorenzo

    Team Members:

    • Amelia Neptune
    • Pat Clark
    • Morgan Johnston
    • Noel Grove


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