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Projects by Project Status

You can filter projects by Primary Theme and Project Status
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  • Proposed: The project is proposed by any committee or a group but has not been approved, or the work on this project has not started.
  • In Progress: Work has started or the project is a recurring effort (e.g., “energy conservation projects”). These should get a project update at least once per semester.
  • Ongoing: Ongoing projects do not necessarily require updates except if there is a change or additional effort needed.
  • Completed: Work is complete and the results are achieved, or the project effort has been finished.
  • Cancelled: Project did not finish and efforts have stopped.
Title Status Theme
2024 Campus Bike Plan In Progress Transportation
Adaptive Aluminum Tensegrity Structure as a Bike Parking Canopy In Progress Research
Addressing Community Health Disparities from Hazardous Waste In Progress Research
Agrivoltaics: Crop Production and Solar Panels on the Same Land In Progress Research
Air Quality Monitoring Station In Progress Resilience
Benefits of a Large-Scale Prairie Experiment In Progress Land and Water
Bevier Café’s - Aquaponics System Demonstration Unit In Progress Zero Waste
Bike Share with BirdBike In Progress Transportation
Broaden Sustainability Education In Progress Education
Building Envelope Pilot Project In Progress Energy
Building-Level Energy Usage Report In Progress Energy
Campus Landscape Master Plan (CLMP) In Progress Land and Water
Carbon Capture In Progress Energy
Carbon Credit Purchasing Program (C2P2) with Second Nature In Progress Funding
Champaign County Hazard Mitigation Plan In Progress Resilience
City Traffic as a Reservoir System In Progress Research
Clean Energy Plan In Progress Energy
Clean Meat at Illinois In Progress Zero Waste
Climate Justice Forum - 2020 In Progress Resilience
Commuter Program: Bus, Bike, and Hike In Progress Transportation
Compost at Illini Union In Progress Zero Waste
CornCrete In Progress Zero Waste
Creating Adaptable Autonomous Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings In Progress Research
Crowd Management for Quad Day: Living Lab Project In Progress Transportation
Develop Scenarios for Converting the UI Fleet to Renewable Fuels In Progress Transportation