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Projects Updates for place: Ubben Basketball Facility

  1. Scheduling a sustainability meeting

    Hi Marty,


    I received your message about the Coke call today – thank you for the heads up! I am reaching out to see if we could set up a meeting to discuss some sustainability topics with yourself, Tim & Zach, Jen & Miriam from iSEE, and Morgan & myself from F&S. Below are some items we’d like to discuss:

    • First tailgate recycling event on 9/23 – debrief, identify opportunities for improvement this season and next
    • iCAP Zero Waste recommendation to purchase and install recycling bins on the upper concourse of SFC – update on where this is at?
    • Reusable bottle messaging/policy in SFC/Memorial Stadium – update on these efforts?
    • Selling reusable bottles at games/events – updates?
    • Water bottle/recycling video – when & where it can be played?
    • ZW basketball game – thinking ahead to spring 2024


    In terms of a timeline, we’d prefer an afternoon meeting sometime between Monday, October 16th and Friday, November 3rd (ahead of the next tailgate recycling event on November 11th). Would it be possible to set something up with the seven of us?

    Thank you,

  2. ICAP Recommendation Engagement005 DIA and Green Sports Alliance

    On April 10, 2023 Jennifer Fraterrigo sen the following email:

    Dear Mr. Whitman and Tim,

    The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Working Group (iWG) recently approved recommendation Engagement005 from the Engagement iCAP Team for the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics to formally join the Green Sports Alliance. The expectation is that doing so would increase the visibility of campus sustainability efforts and put UIUC on par with fellow Big10 institutions that are integrating sustainability into athletics. Additional details are provided in the attached recommendation.

    The Formal iCAP Procedures include a section on campus unit responsibilities upon receipt of a recommendation, and we respectfully request your response to this recommendation by May 5, if possible. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, we are happy to jump on a call with you to discuss it.


    Jennifer Fraterrigo


    On May 2, 2023 Josh Whitman responded:


    The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) approves the recommendation to formally join the Green Sports Alliance at the $2,500 Premier Membership level. Assistant Athletic Director Tim Knox will be responsible for coordinating the implementation for DIA.



    On May 4, 2023 Jennifer forwarded the previous thread to Sarthak:

    Hi Sarthak – one more!

    Please mark this as successful on the portal; response below.




    On May 20, 2023 Morgan White responded to Jennifer:

    Hi Jen, Daphne, and Betsy,

    I suggest we invite Tim Knox to a meeting, to see what support he may need from F&S and iSEE in this endeavor.  What do you think?  Or has something like that already happened?




    On May 22, 2023 Betsy Ligget replied with the following email and attached documents:

    This is great news, thank you for sharing! I’m happy to join a meeting with DIA regarding Green Sports Alliance, please let me know when I can assist with the transition. The last annual membership invoice (10-13-22) is attached and is for the Nov. 1st, 2022 - Nov. 30th, 2023 time period.

    I have also attached the 2021 membership letter for everyone’s files.

    Thanks again,



  3. Zero Waste iCAP Meeting 12/8/2022

    On December 8th, the Zero Waste iCAP team met to discuss a new approach to creating recommendations for next semester. During the meeting, the team created subcommittees based on aspects of the key priorities document and provided feedback on an environmental engineering sustainability project. 

    Meeting minutes are attached.

  4. Zero Waste iCAP Meeting 11/7/2022

    On November 7th, the Zero Waste iCAP team met to discuss DIA sustainability initiatives with Tim Knox and made edits on the Project 4 Less expansion recommendation to be submitted in the coming month(s). 

    Meeting minutes are attached.

  5. Varsity Room Sustainability Initiatives

    Team Clerk Claire Keating met with Zero Waste Team Clerk Nikki Palella and Justin Holding, a member of the engagement team.

    The meeting content included brainstorming zero-waste food containers for athletes who participate in meals provided by DIA and Hendrick House.

    Meeting also covered updates on Green Sports Alliance recommendation and future contacts.


  6. Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference

    The 2021 biennial Champaign County Stormwater Partnership Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference took place on October 20th.

    The following email provides some context and resources with more information about the event.

    The program and the media post for the conference are attached below.


    From: Liggett, Betsy Jo 
    Sent: Friday, September 03, 2021 9:59 AM
    To: Stillwell, Brett
    Cc: White, Morgan; Wilcoxen, David B; Ruhter, Colleen; Liggett, Betsy Jo
    Subject: Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference


    Good morning Brett!

    I wanted to share an upcoming conference opportunity with you and others in DIA. F&S Safety and Compliance is a member of the Champaign County Stormwater Partnership to help meet goals for our campus stormwater municipality permit. One of the permit Public Education and Outreach goals is to host a biennial stormwater conference. We have several speakers this year one of which is a member from Green Sports Alliance (GSA) who will speak about the GSA program and provide examples of what other organizations/universities have done to meet the program missions.  Green Sports Alliance


    Please share with others and join us October 20, 2021 for the free biennial Champaign County Stormwater Partnership Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference. This year the conference will be virtual instead of at the iHotel and Conference Center, however Professional Development Hours are still available. Attendance is limited and you can register at the following link Champaign County Stormwater Conference - CHAMPAIGN COUNTY STORMWATER PARTNERSHIP (


    Thank you!


  7. Proposal for membership in the Green Sports Alliance

    Gopal Pareek presented a proposal for DIA to join the Green Sports Alliance to Brett Stillwell, with the attached files.  Brett indicated willingness to join and committed to completing the application for a standard membership ($500).

  8. Update from Gopal Pareek

    Gopal met with Professor Cheryl L. Cole about her work with the Green Sports Alliance.  She is also a teacher in RST.  He also is working on getting meetings with the SWATeams, to consider how DIA can help with the iCAP objectives. 

    Today, Gopal and Morgan White reviewed the data from the Energy Billing System for each of the DIA facilities, and discussed next steps for finalizing the energy and water reports, and coordinating them into the Building-Level Energy Report Card format.

    We also reviewed the template needs for the report card with Dee Dee Caneva at F&S, to make changes that would simplify the user's experience with the template.

  9. Update on progress

    Gopal Pareek and Morgan White met to review progress on the DIA CAP efforts.  Gopal received information from the Green Sports Alliance, including a proposal for UIUC to join the alliance.  He also pulled the energy, water, and sanitary sewer data for each of the DIA buildings, to review with Brett Stillwell.  The square footage for each facility is needed, as well as the natural gas use, when applicable.

    For our next meeting, Gopal will finalize the excel file data for the DIA buildings.  Morgan will put him in contact with the SWATeam clerks to talk about the DIA potential for helping with the iCAP objectives.

  10. Update on progress

    Gopal and Morgan reviewed the Big Ten schools in the Green Sports Alliance.  Gopal will find associated scores for the schools that are in that program.  He pulled data for the DIA buildings from the Energy Billing System, and put them into the consolidated format.  He also began reviewing the Green Sports Alliance programs.  During the next month, Gopal will contact the SWATeams to brainstorm potential ways DIA can help acheive the iCAP objectives for their topics.  He will also start a draft word document for the DIA CAP and list recommended actions for each chapter of the iCAP.