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Projects Updates for Student Groups with Sustainability Focus

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  1. NSRC Pollinator Garden Build

    The 350 square-foot pollinator garden at the National Soybean Research Center is planted! The weather was beautiful and we had a fun time hearing plant stories and learning about our very own native species from Layne Knoche. Check out our Facebook post here. 

    Huge thank you to Layne Knoche, Eliana Brown, and the whole Red Oak Rain Garden team, Eric Green, Michael Dzianott and the Red Bison team, Joey Kreiling, Blake Cedergren, and the From the Ground Up team, and all friends who helped out with the planting. 

    Stay tuned for more fun! 

  2. Water Environment Federation (WEF) - intro

    A brief introduction to Water Environment Federation - American Water Works Association (WEF-AWWA) Student Chapter UIUC


    We have been involved in organizing events and meetings that orient students towards the water industry. 


    Listed below are some of our past activities:

    1. Organizing regular general meetings with water companies based in Champaign and the Greater Chicago Area.
    2. Organized an annual conference 'Diving Into The Water Industry' featuring presenters from different fields within the water industry.
    3. Organizing office visits for students to water companies and also field visits to local water treatment plants.
    4. Involvement with WEF and its divisional organization Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA). Every year, we take part in the WEF student design competition. Last year, our project 'Flood Mitigation Strategies for Houston, TX' won the category for Environmental Design and was selected for presentation in WEFTEC 2019, the annual conference of WEF.
  3. Award Letter - Illini Algae Club Abbott CO2

    The goal of this project is to further develop the relationship between the university, the Illini Algae Club and its students, the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department as well as other departments, and the Abbott Power Plant. Using a pre-established waste to algae remediation system used in experimental design, we will apply this system to a real-world use. We will do this through the use of a semester project focused on remediation of university wastewater that can be scaled up into a larger scale project in the future that the club can build off of. Our goal is to provide the foundation of active student involvement for which our organization can grow.

    We will do this by first analyzing how well our small-scale systems can work with the local Abbot Power Plant waste. This further enhances our cooperative relationship with the Abbott Power Plant. Once we determine feasibility of the system, then the students can design and build a larger scale system at the local power plant that can reduce their waste as well as produce some renewable energy for the university. This will provide the ability of students to make their own choices with our small-scale experiment as well as allow them to create a vision of their own for the club’s future larger scale activities.


  4. Student Sustainability Leaders - myActions Campus Interns

    We're very excited to be working with 1 intern from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. If you're interested in learning more about the program or connecting with the myActions intern on your campus, please let me know.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Kristine Sturgeon

    myActions on Campus | Learn more

  5. Archived web info - CSE Student Groups

    Student Groupsstudents walking inside BIF

    Want to learn more about sustainability issues? Want to make a difference? 
    Want to put your knowledge and skills to use? 
    Want to have fun?



    Below are some groups to explore.

    Campus Registered Student Organizations

    • American Fisheries Society University of Illinois Student Chapter
     Ecological Design Consortium
     Energy Club
     Engineers Without Borders
     Environmental Law Society 
     IRenergy: Illini Renewable Energy Group
     Red Bison
     Student Planning Organization
     Student Sustainability Committee
     Students for Environmental Concerns
     The Wildlife Society University of Illinois Student Chapter

    Volunteer Opportunities 

     Alternative Spring Break
     Sustainable Student Farm






    National Sustainability Organizations

     Roots and Shoots
     Student Affairs Green Team
     The Green Observer

    Don't see what you're looking for? Have an event that you would like promoted? Contact us.

  6. Engineers Without Borders Nigeria Water Project

    The University of Illinois chapter of Engineers Without Borders worked on a project to find clean water sources of water for the Nigerian village of Adu Achi. Previously, residents of Adu Achi relied on water sources that were up to 3 kilometers away and struggled with contaminated water.

    The project began with a site assessment in August 2006, but project meeting have continued through the Spring 2013 semester.

    For more information, visit