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Projects by Project Status

You can filter projects by Primary Theme and Project Status
(Tip: to find projects with no status, select "Is empty (NULL)" and any Project Status)

  • Proposed: The project is proposed by any committee or a group but has not been approved, or the work on this project has not started.
  • In Progress: Work has started or the project is a recurring effort (e.g., “energy conservation projects”). These should get a project update at least once per semester.
  • Ongoing: Ongoing projects do not necessarily require updates except if there is a change or additional effort needed.
  • Completed: Work is complete and the results are achieved, or the project effort has been finished.
  • Cancelled: Project did not finish and efforts have stopped.
Title Status Theme
Sustainability Art Displays In Progress Engagement
Sustainability Best Practices Video In Progress Engagement
Sustainability Gen-Ed Requirement In Progress Education
Sustainability in Study Abroad In Progress Education
Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) In Progress Reporting Progress
Sustainable Agricultural Food System In Progress Land and Water
Sustainable Agricultural Practices In Progress Land and Water
Sustainable Events Program In Progress Engagement
Sustainable Land Management Committee In Progress Land and Water
Sustainable World Network In Progress Engagement
TED Talk: Eco Edition Series In Progress Engagement
Testing Geopolymer Performance in a Geothermal Exchange System In Progress Research
Thermochemical Batteries: Turning Waste Heat into an Energy Source In Progress Research
Tomato Processing and Packaging In Progress Land and Water
Toted In Progress Engagement
Towards Zero Waste: Automated Waste Classification via Computer Vision In Progress Research
Track Waste from Frontload Trucks In Progress Zero Waste
Uni High Butterfly Garden In Progress Land and Water
Urbana Climate Action Plan In Progress Resilience
U.S. Department of Energy's Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition In Progress Engagement
Use Clean Power In Progress Energy
Use Clean Thermal Energy In Progress Energy
Utility Boxes: Art and Sustainability In Progress Engagement
Vermicompost In Progress Zero Waste
Vet Med Parking Lot Re-Design In Progress Land and Water