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Second Nature Climate Leadership Award

In late 2011, the Office of Sustainability  submitted an application for the University of Illinois to the Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards program. Illinois was selected as a finalist and was requested to make a video showcasing sustainability efforts at the University. Illinois faculty, staff, and students expressed great pride for the video, which received the most votes (2,038) for Illinois' Carnegie classification.

Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact

 The Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact outlines environmental goals for higher education institutions. The Compact encourages universities and colleges within the state to integrate sustainable practices throughout their campuses and work towards objectives such as purchasing renewable energy, implementing green building practices, and incorporating sustainable dining practices. The Governor’s Office recognizes achievement at the bronze, silver and gold levels. Illinois has been recognized at the Gold Level!

Bicycle Safety Posters by CCB

One simple and frequent method for spreading safety information related to bicycles is a printed or digital poster.  As campus transitions to more and more digital signs, the bicycle education materials are transitioning to digital displays.  This reduces paper waste, with a minimal increase in energy use.

C-U Sharing the Road Video

The cities of Urbana and Champaign worked together to produce a bicycle education video to introduce the public to the bicycle infrastructure that is being installed around both cities and to teach motorists and bicyclists how to interact with each other on the road.

This 14 minute video, entitled C-U Sharing the Road was filmed on local C-U streets and features many local C-U bicyclists. The video was filmed, edited, and produced by Urbana Public Television.

  Topics covered in the program include:  


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