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Projects Updates for Install Appropriate Waste Collection Infrastructure

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  1. Meeting Minutes for iWG Meeting July 2, 2019

    These are the meeting minutes of the July 2, 2019 Illinois Climate Action Plan Working Group.  Several SWATeam recommendations were assessed in this meeting.

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  2. Meeting notes Jan. 11, 2018

    Morgan White, Anna Barnes, and Leah Berti met to discuss the first steps for the Use the Bin messaging campaign to campus staff.  Leah will finalize the powerpoint presentation by 1/16, and do a practice presentation to Morgan and Anna on 1/18.  The following week she will do a presentation to internal sustainability staff, and then start scheduling presentations with larger campus employee groups.

  3. SWATeam Meeting - 10/18/17

    The PWR SWATeam met to discuss objectives and goals for the year, as well as provide feedback on the proposed Campus Administrative Manual policy on purchasing paper of recycled content. The team discussed a broad range of projects and delegated next steps for moving forward on each.

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  4. Promotion of source separation

    Content has been drafted for a PowerPoint presentation to encourage the use of separate bins for recyclables and trash. It will emphasize that separation at the point of disposal is more effective than the older system of placing all items in a single bin and will therefore help the campus meet landfill diversion targets. The presentation will be made over the summer to Campus business officers, the Staff HR Advisory Council, and student groups that can talk to other groups.

  5. Award Letter - Residential Recycling

    This project was developed by Eco-mmunity, a team of students passionate about sustainability, after noticing that students were not recycling within the residence halls. After further research, interviews, and observations of facilities and processes we noticed that it all came down to students’ convenience. After completing a pilot study we recognized that if students had the option to sort their trash and recycling in their room, they were much more likely to participate in recycling. With recycling bins placed in each student’s individual room, alongside their trash bin, students could conveniently dump them into their corresponding bins in the trash rooms at the end of the hallway. The goal of this project is to create positive long lasting habits that residents and students will continue to use after leaving University Housing. We also hope that this larger awareness and convenience of recycling will stimulate and promote more recycling around campus, as well as set a standard for other non-University Housing and private certified residencies to follow.

  6. PWR003 Recycling Bins recommendation - Assessment with comments

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on May 4, 2015, to discuss and start the assessment of PWR003 Recycling Bins recommendation. Their official comment on the recommendation was:

    "The iWG endorses this recommendation, but notes that recycling bins in some buildings are not controlled by F&S; we request that F&S compile a list of other entities on campus to whom this recommendation should also be transmitted."

    See attached the iWG assessment of the PWR003 Recycling Bins recommendation complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam recommendation PWR003 Recycling Bins here.

  7. PWR003 Recycling Bins recommendation - Submittal

    The PWR SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG stating, "We recommend that campus buildings add adequate recycling stations and make efforts to avoid having isolated landfill bins."

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation, PWR003 Recycling Bins, complete with comments from all the PWR SWATeam members.

  8. Housing recycling bin test project

    During the fall ’14 semester, University Housing was able to acquire a recycling bin from MaxR through their Free Bin Friday promotional event. The bin was specifically designed for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign using our colors and logo, and currently resides at the entrance of 57 North inside the Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP).

    A suggestion was made to use this bin, along with the recycling bins recently purchased for the main quad, to conduct a test to determine if the branding of a bin would impact recycling participation among our student population.

    The test would be conducted at the north entrance of SDRP, and would take place during the spring ’15 semester once weather is more favorable for outdoor foot traffic. All existing trash receptacles would be removed and replaced with the MaxR bin and the appropriately signed bins for the main quad. The test would be conducted for a two week period with the containers switching places after the first week to eliminate positioning as a possible cause for false results. Data would be collected and analyzed by ISCT to determine participation and contamination rates for each style of container. The results would be available made available to various sustainability groups across campus including ISTC and ISEE.

  9. Housing receives recycling bin from Max-R

    Housing took advantage of the Free Bin Friday promotional event from Max-R, to design a uniquely branded outdoor recycling container. Although it is currently being displayed inside SDRP, it has generated a lot of conversation across campus. The day it arrived, multiple students expressed their approval of the bin and appreciation for an increased focus on recycling by the University.

    Bryan Johnson, Project Manager, PMP


  10. SEDAC installs a Max-R recycling bin

    Morning, all.

    Courtesy of Max-R (big name in recycling bins), we have a new, functional, clean, state-of-the-art rubbish/recycling station in the break room (photo attached). It will still be serviced by our same cleaning staff. As free time allows, I’ll update the signage. The cardboard bin is next to the pretty bin. Note the SEDAC logo and the “this is made from 1501 recycled milk jugs” image.

    Thanx to Lucas, Stevie, Carrie, Aaron and others for logistical and physical support in getting it sited.


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