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Projects Updates for LED Campus

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  1. Division of Responsibility Map (Draft for Review)

    Below is an email from Chad Kupferschmid:



    I created and attached a “Draft” version map book for Level 2 DOR. Please note the legend at the top of each page contains all of the departments identify by the team and are included in the GIS domain list. The departments that were actually assigned to GIS features in the current draft, I made bold and located them on the left side of the legend. The remainder and current non-assigned departments I left in the Legend for reference during the review process. Once the review is complete and we’ve reached a “Final” status with the map/data, I will leave unassigned departments off the list.


    There is a lot to take in with this level of detail so I created an ArcReader version to assist with the review process, use one of the three options below to find and access the map.


    Option 1:

    Click the link to Launch the Map directly in ArcReader: J:\10_Transfer\Workgroups\DoR_Infrastructure_Review\ArcReader_DOR_Level_2_Review.pmf

    Note with this option a dialogue will popup asking if you for sure want to open the file, click Open.


    Option 2:

    Click the link, to find the map on J-drive then double click the .pmf file to access: J:\10_Transfer\Workgroups\DoR_Infrastructure_Review\


    Option 3:

    Manually follow the path on J-drive to get to the map then double click the .pmf file to access: J:\10_Transfer\Workgroups\DoR_Infrastructure_Review




    1. Hover the cursor over a feature to reveal a popup indicating the following attributes
    • Feature Type
    • Level 1 DOR
    • Level 2 DOR
    • Comments




    1. Use the Identify tool s9aT+sPOaOgu8CkaDwGa4mWp8fY0xVVa4mn17kCasN9fu+5ogBeAHDNXPZ21GEtQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==to see a list of the attributes.




    1. Use Bookmarks to zoom to regions around campus.







    Don’t hesitate to ask me questions if I can assist further.





  2. Revolving Loan Fund: FY2020 Project Selection Results

    7 projects were approved during the FY2020 Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) project selection. At this time, final scoring results were determined as well. F&S will be beginning these projects soon and will start assessing their correlated utility savings.

    Due to COVID-19, the voting process was conducted via email as opposed to meeting in person. As a result of the success in the virtual voting process, future selections are planned to occur in a similar fashion.

  3. Meeting Minutes for iWG Meeting July 2, 2019

    These are the meeting minutes of the July 2, 2019 Illinois Climate Action Plan Working Group.  Several SWATeam recommendations were assessed in this meeting.

    Attached Files: 
  4. Information Letter for Proposed Roadway Lighting Improvements Program

    Associated Project(s): 

    On May 11, 2017, the Public Works Department of City of Urbana issued a letter to the residents informing them about the construction of new street lighting that is planned for Illinois Street, Gregory Street, and Oregon Street and is scheduled to start this spring. The project is expected to end in late October 2017. The new streetlights will resemble the streetlights currently on Goodwin Avenue adjacent to the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts except the lamp will be a LED lamp instead of a metal halide lamp as is installed on Goodwin Avenue.  

    The proposed roadway lighting improvements are located along Oregon Street from Mathews Avenue to Lincoln Avenue, Gregory Street from Oregon Street to Illinois Street, and Illinois Street from Goodwin Avenue to Lincoln Avenue in the City of Urbana. The City of Urbana will oversee the construction of this project, which is presently being competitively bid.

    The project is expected to run from June through October.  Work will commence on Gregory Street, then move to Illinois Street, and finish on Oregon Street.

  5. Revolving Loan Fund projects approved

    The Revolving Loan Fund selection committee has approved funding for all the viable RLF projects.  See attached image for list.

  6. Discussion at Transportation Building about ECIP funds

    Morgan Johnston and Shawna Grady met to discuss the potential uses for the Transportation Building's ECIP funding award ($10,000).  Options included additional recycling bins, LED lamps, power strips, battery recycling containers, and potentially a waste characterization study for the building (if available through ISTC).

  7. Sarthak Prasad Final Report: Independent study with Morgan Johnston ENG 573 (fall 2016)

  8. Campus map with street and parking lights

    Associated Project(s): 

    On October 28, 2016, Chad Kupferschmid provided Morgan Johnston and Sarthak Prasad with the campus map with all the street and parking lights owned by the campus or the city of Urbana or Champaign. The main purpose of this map was to help with determining the boundary of the campus so that they could recommend which street lights should be preferred for the immediate projects.

  9. Meeting with F&S officials

    Associated Project(s): 

    Met with the university Facilities and Services officials and LED staff on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, to discuss the progress of LED Campus projects so far. The main focus of the meeting was Exit signs in the buildings. Meeting was hosted by Mogan Johnston, and attended by Ken Buenting, Brian Finet, Steven Bainbridge, and Patty Douglas.

  10. LED Exit Sign projects completed

    Associated Project(s): 

    In support of the Chancellor's commitment to making the University of Illinois an LED Campus, 531 LED way-finding signs have been installed in eight campus buildings: Grainger Library, Animal Science, Roger Adams Lab, Engineering Science Building, Turner Hall, Main Library, Education Building, and the Chem. Life Sciences Lab.