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Projects Updates for Utilize Carbon Credits


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  1. Voluntary Carbon Market

    First launched in 2005 by non-profit Forest Trends, Ecosystem Marketplace (EM) has continuously run the world’s first and only independent international carbon offsets market tracking, reporting, and knowledge-sharing mechanism. In April, EM launched its new Global Carbon Survey online platform, aimed at taking carbon market transparency to the next level.

  2. Case Study - Carbon Offsetting at UIUC

    Associated Project(s): 

    AlliedOffset, a database of voluntary carbon offset programs in the world, helped curate a case study regarding carbon offsetting at UIUC. This document offers a variety of information including, but not limited to, Credits Retired per Year per Student, Ranking of Universities by Total Credits Retired, and details regarding major solar installation projects on campus. 

    See the attached file to read the case study.

  3. Example Progress Report: Microsoft's Climate Commitments

    Microsoft's 2020 carbon recap offers an example progress report for climate commitments. In this article, the company highlights its biggest commitment to focus on the climate crisis by pledging to become carbon negative by 2030. Focusing on this initiative in-depth, Microsoft speaks about its plan to reduce the company's carbon emissions, remove carbon from the environment, and advancing transparency and accountability as a global company.

  4. Reducing Carbon Footprint in Supply Chains

    "I’ve Heard of Carbon Off-Setting - But What is Carbon In-Setting and How Can It Reduce the Carbon Footprint of My Supply Chain?" presented via webinar by Angela Foster-Rice, Principal at Aerial Consulting. Join us in the SJW conference room at ISTC or view it from the comfort of your own office. This event is free, but registration to view the webinar is required.

    October 10, 12–1 pm • 1 Hazelwood Dr. in Champaign

    Elizabeth Meschewski • Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

    Sustainability Seminar: Reducing Carbon Footprint in Supply Chains

  5. Campus Tree Inventory Recommendation - unit approval

    The ALUFS SWATeam recommended that F&S complete an update to the campus tree inventory.  This recommendation was supported by the iCAP Working Group, and the Campus Tree Advisory Committee.  During spring 2017, Director of iSEE Evan DeLucia and Interim Executive Director of F&S Helen Coleman both approved using Carbon Credit Sales funding to complete the inventory.  Campus Landscape Architect Brent Lewis will be responsible for initiating the inventory and working with Superintendent of Grounds Ryan Welch to oversee the progress.

    See iWG ALUFS002 Assessment.

    See SWATeam ALUFS002 Recommendation.

  6. Campus Tree Inventory Recommendation - assessment with comments

    The iCAP WOrking Group (iWG) met on February 23rd, 2017, to discuss and start the assessment of SWATeam recommendation ALUFS002 Campus Tree Inventory. Their official comment on this recommendation was:

    "The iCAP Working Group supports the use of the Carbon Credit funds for a tree inventory update."

    See attached the iWG assessment complete with official comments from all the iWG members.

    See SWATeam ALUFS002 Recommendation.

  7. Carbon Credit funding approved for Virtual Storeroom

    The Carbon Credit sales funding has been approved by Director of iSEE Evan DeLucia and Interim Executive Director of F&S Helen Coleman for buying 10,000 additional carbon offsets, when purchasing the 103,000 replacement offsets from the carbon credits sold from 2015.  The additional carbon offsets will be used as the initial inventory for a new Virtual Storeroom for carbon offsets being developed by iSEE for on campus users.

  8. Archived - previous project name and description

    Associated Project(s): 

    Previous project name: Charge True Costs to Campus Users including Carbon Offsets

    Previous project description: Several externalities exist for campus operations and business practices, and these are not fully captured in the every-day cost charged to campus users.  For example, purchasing an item from the iBuy system does not include the cost of disposal for that item in the future.

  9. Status update for purchasing offsets

    iSEE is working with the Purchasing Division to publish a Request for Proposals (RFP) to purchase carbon offsets.  These will include replacement offsets for the 2015 Carbon Credits (CCs) sold, and an option to purchase an additional 10,000 CCs to start an internal virtual storeroom for voluntary departmental offsets.

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