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Map for Solar Power on Campus

This map is interactive! Click (or touch) and drag to pan; scroll (or pinch) to zoom.

Project Location
Rooftop Solar Potential Abbott Power Plant
Rooftop Solar Potential Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
BIF Rooftop Solar PVs Business Instructional Facility (BIF)
Rooftop Solar Potential Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)
Rooftop Solar Potential Digital Computer Laboratory
ECE Rooftop Solar PVs ECE Building
Solar Panels on Everitt Lab Everitt Laboratory
Rooftop Solar Potential Garage/ Car Pool
Solar PVs on I Hotel and Conference Center I Hotel and Conference Center
Solar PVs at Idea Garden Idea Garden
Rooftop Solar Potential Institute for Genomic Biology
KCPA Rooftop Solar Feasibility Study Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Rooftop Solar Potential Law Building
Install Solar PVs on NCPD North Campus Parking Deck (NCPD)
InSPIRE Solar Powered Outdoors Table (SPOT) Northeast of Nick Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Lab
Rooftop Solar Potential Physical Plant Service Building
Rooftop Solar Potential Plant Sciences Laboratory
Solar PVs on President's Garden Shed President's House Garden Shed
Ground Mounted Solar PVs BRC Research Test Bed Prior location of Building Research Council Laboratory (BRC)
Solar Farm 1.0 Solar Farm 1.0
Solar Farm 2.0 Solar Farm 2.0
Speech and Hearing Rooftop Solar PVs Speech and Hearing Clinic
Solar PVs on Fruit Farm Admin Building Sustainable Student Farm
Uni High Gym Rooftop Solar PVs University Laboratory High School (Uni High)
Wassaja Hall Rooftop Solar PVs Wassaja Hall
Solar at Willard Airport Willard Airport