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Projects Updates for collection: Student Sustainability Committee Funded Projects


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  1. FY21 Green Power Partnership Renewed

    F&S completed the renewal of our recognition as a Green Power Partner through the US Environmental Protection Agency. Green Power Partners of our scale now have to use renewable power for seven percent of their annual consumption. Fortunately, the FY21 green power supply for FY21 was 9%, which is a +1.72% increase from the FY19 supply of 7.28%. See attached file.

    Overview submitted: 

    The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is proud of its sustainability initiatives and success in achieving Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) goals ( The iCAP is the university’s strategic plan to meet the Climate Leadership Commitments, including being carbon neutral as soon as possible and building resilience to climate change in the local community.

    The Urbana campus on-site renewable energy portfolio meets more than 12 percent of annual electricity needs ( UIUC’s Solar Farm 2.0 was energized in January 2021, producing 20,000 MWh/year. Combined with Solar Farm 1.0 and other rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations, the Urbana campus generates more than 27,000 MWh/year, ranking UIUC third amongst U.S. universities in on-site clean power production. Incorporating renewable energy continues to be a focus of new facility construction and major renovation projects. Most notably, the innovative Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Building features 970 rooftop panels. Since production started in April 2019, 11 percent of all power supplied to the ECE Building has been from the array, while additional output is reserved for research and educational activities. In September 2016, the university also signed a ten-year wind power purchase agreement for 25 million kWh/year and the rights to the environmental attributes.

  2. Winter Meeting Update

    The Energy iCAP team combined its November and December meetings for the fall of 2021 into a single "Winter Meeting" This meeting was used to discuss 12 different recommendation ideas, a select amount of which will be developed into recommendations in the near future. 

    Additionally, the team discussed a short note to the iCAP Working Group asking that the Comprehensive Energy Plan not have its name changed to '"lean Energy Plan"

    Notes from the meeting are attached.

  3. Water and Environment: Water Quality, Quantity and Contaminants (Symposium)

    Associated Project(s): 

    Please register for the Water and the Environment: Fundamental Aspects of Water Quality, Quantity, and Contaminants Symposium on December 9, 2021 from 9am-11:30am. There will be speakers as well as breakout rooms to engage our discussion on water and the environment. We look forward to seeing you December 9th!

    This opportunity is available online. Visit the event's Zoom website to register online.


  4. FGI Webinar: Live Panel Discussion on Allowable Leakage Rates

    Associated Project(s): 

    This Live Panel Discussion will assemble five industry leaders to answer questions about allowable leakage rates (ALRs) for different types of containment facilities.  In particular, the maximum ALR of a liquid impoundment or landfill is usually a common but difficult question to answer. (1.5 PDH)

    This event will be held on December 7th, 2021 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM as a virtual experience. Visit the GoToWebinar page for this event to register!

  5. 2021 Annual Kids' and Teen Bike Giveaway

    Associated Project(s): 

    The Campus Bike Center, in collaboration with the Urbana Bike Project, is hosting a free Kids’ and Teen Bike Giveaway this holiday season. Bikes are first come, first served; one bike per kid, and they must be present to pick out their bike. Be sure to get to the event early, as bikes will go quickly! Email or call (217) 469-5126 to arrange a donation for the event.

    The event will be held on December 11th, 2021 from 1:00-3:00 PM. In addition, the event will take place at Urbana Bike Project (202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana.)

  6. Zero Waste iCAP Team Meeting

    The Zero Waste iCAP Team met on Friday, December 3 to discuss and finalize the two recommendations related to the team's water bottle behavior change campaign. These include a drinking water behavior survey and a recommendation to track water filter systems on campus. Meeting minutes are attached.

    Attached Files: 
  7. CTAC fall 2021: Charge Letter, Presentation file, Meeting recording

    Please see attached the presentation for the CTAC meeting in Fall 2021. This meeting was held on December 3, 2021. Here is the link to see the recording of this meeting:

  8. New iSEE Greener Campus Programs Certifications

    Congratulations to the newest recipients of our Green Event and Green Office certifications!


    Green Event Certifications: 

    Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) Environmental Career Panel-Certified October 2021

    University of Illinois Foundation Board of Directors Basketball Game Watch-Certified November 2021

    Office of the Chancellor State of the University-Certified November 2021


    Green Office Gold Certification:

    Department of Communication-Recertified October 2021


    Thank you to each of our participants, keep up the great work!


  9. Sustainability and Green Job Certifications

    Sustainability & Green Job Certification examples have now been included on the Institute for Energy, Sustainability, and the Environment (iSEE) Education Portal website.  Scroll down on the page to find and review Professional Certification Programs.  This list can be used to inspire and provide insight into green careers. Green Job Certification Topics include: 

    Buildings & Energy

    Environmentalism & Advocacy

    Climate Change and Sustainability Professionals, Business, Reporting


    Outdoors, Gardening, Wildlife, Natural Resources

    A downloadable Excel file titled "Job Certifications" provides additional detail about these certifications and these careers.

  10. Sustainability Council Meeting 11-29-21

    The Sustainability Council met on 11-29-21. The presentation is attached and the agenda was as follows:

    • Student group updates (SSC, SSLC, ISG)
    • Clean Energy Plan
    • Rainwater Strategies 
    • Green Labs 
    • Strategic next steps (iCAP in campus strategic plan, AASHE STARS Platinum ranking)
  11. Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs - Successful

    The Sustainability Council is in support of the formation of a Green Labs Committee, as discussed at the meeting on November 29, 2021. Jan Novakofski, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, also expressed support. A training component and Certified Greener Campus Program opportunities will be two items to include in committee discussions. For future updates, see the Green Labs Committee project page. 


    See transmittal and iWG assessment of Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs here. 
    See submittal of Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs here.

  12. Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs - Transmitted

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs, the recommendation was transmitted and discussed at the Sustainability Council meeting on November 29, 2021.

    See iWG assessment of Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs attached.
    See submittal of Energy006 Integrate iCAP Goals into Research/Learning Labs here.

    Attached Files: 
  13. Sustainability Council Meeting 11-29-21

    The Sustainability Council met on November 29, 2021 and discussed:

    • Student group updates
    • Clean Energy Plan
    • Rainwater strategies 
    • Green Labs
    • Strategic next steps 

    The presentation is attached.

  14. 15 permanent bicycle registration signs installed

    15 metal signs to promote bicycle registration have been installed. These locations are:

    1. Snyder Hall
    2. Weston Hall
    3. Bike Shelter (new) by Flagg Hall
    4. Nugent Hall
    5. Hopkins Hall – covered bike parking
    6. Bousfield Hall – covered bike parking
    7. South of Wassaja Hall – covered bike parking
    8. Busey Evans
    9. Allen Hall
    10. LAR
    11. ISR (new bike racks on North side)
    12. ISR - North East location - 64 bike racks
    13. Illini Union South
    14. Illini Union North
    15. ARC
  15. Career Services Meeting

    Stacy Gloss and Meredith Moore met with Amanda Cox and Samantha Potempa from University Career Services to discuss how to connect students to Green Jobs and Green Job Certifications.  Career Services staff described the services provided for students. Career Services across campus are distributed between the Colleges and students can meet with the central Career Services group or academic & career advisors in the College of their major. Career Services can provide presentations to both classrooms and RSO student groups. Trained peer career advisors can give presentations on interviewing, resume writing, Linked-in profiles and personal statements. A Career Services Council meets on a quarterly basis to discuss current issues and affairs. iSEE can have a representative join the Career Services Council. 

    Additional resources for students include:

  16. Weekly Update: Kids' Bike Giveaway event; Happy Thanksgiving!

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, Things are definitely slowing down and our visitor numbers/sales reflect that. We’re closed this week for Thanksgiving Break but I’ll be working a couple days to catch up on the Kids Bike donations. Over the weekend, we got mention in one of the campus email newsletters, so that’s good. I’ve also arranged for the event to be mentioned in some other newsletters/email blasts going out in the interim between now and the day of the event. I’ll also be getting in touch with some local news stations, since I think that boosted last year’s donation/turn out.

    The official details for the Kids Bike event are:

    The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign, in partnership with the U of I Campus Bike Center, is hosting a Kids’ Bike Giveaway this holiday season.

    We are currently accepting donations of all kids’ and teen bikes, regardless of condition, and then refurbishing them to give back to young folks in the community!

    Donations can be made at the Urbana Bike Project (202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana) or at the Campus Bike Center (51 E. Gregory Dr., Champaign). Please call (217) 469-5126 or email to arrange a donation.

    *Giveaway Event*

    Date: Saturday, December 11th, 2021
    Time: 1 pm – 3pm or until we run out of bikes
    Location: Urbana Bike Project (202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana)
    Details: first come, first served; one bike per kid, and they must be present to pick out their bike.

    This week I’m only here Mon/Tues but will wrench on the kids bikes we have—we got three more donated on Friday—then it’s off for the holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 20
    Sales: $179.50
    Memberships: 4 for $120


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  17. Resilience Work Meeting 11/18/21

    Stacy Gloss, Meredith Moore, Morgan White, and Scott Tess met to discuss Resilience Team work. 

    We discussed:

    • NGICP presentation scheduled for December 10 with presentations by Heidi Leuzler and Eliana Brown
    • NGICP SSC Step II Application to be submitted 11/19/21
    • Carbon Offset Program development. Discussed that "local" for this objective means within boundaries of Champaign County.  Next questions to answer are: Why, What, How for developing a local carbon offset program.
  18. Meeting to discuss Carbon Offsets


    Present: Morgan White, Meredith More, Eric Green, Tony Mancuso, Stacy Gloss

    Gloss provided an overview of the local carbon offset objective as described in the iCAP. There was discussion that there are two sides to the issue. 1. The funding mechanism. 2. What projects are funded by off-setting faculty & staff travel impacts?

    The team was asked to review the carbon offset programs by the University of California System and Duke University as two different models. The first is a campus-system internal model where funds are used to develop projects on campuses throughout the system. A university-system advisory board receives applications for projects and approves the projects that meet program requirements.  The Duke carbon offset initiative involves a portfolio of offsets including a methane capture waste-to-energy at an industrial farm,  urban tree planting program, avoided conversion, wetland restoration, and a pilot program for residential energy efficiency piloted in 2012 --- these programs happen off-campus.

    We agreed that there is an economies-of-scale issue with local off-sets to overcome. For local-community-based projects, the cost per off-set is going to be higher than aggregating funds into one industrial scale project or program. An carbon-off-set company, for example, might contact a city and offer $1.00 per tree for off-sets, but it costs over $400 to install and maintain a tree.  (A program like this appears to generate a very small added value to the paid organization.)

    U of I campus renewable energy & energy efficiency projects can be tracked by the campus energy office. For community off-sets, an agency (university or otherwise) would need to set up a mechanism to collect and distribute funds for community-based projects, perhaps through a non-for-profit interface. Projects can include urban tree-planting, renewable energy, energy efficiency, prairie restoration etc. 3rd party verification is needed.

    As a next step, this team and others must define "local" in "local offset program" in order to meet this objective in the iCAP. Is the program going to be internal to campus, or include the local community as recipients of funds community projects?

    This team must also interpret what the iCAP is saying to off-set. 

    • Annual business air-travel by faculty & staff? 
    • Vehicle miles driven by faculty & staff on University business?
    • All electricity & heat generated by carbon sources for the University of Illinois?

    These questions are fundamental to designing and implementing a local-carbon-offset program.  

  19. Green Certifications Meeting


    Present: Tony Mancuso, Meredith Moore, Eric Green, & Stacy Gloss

    A meeting was held to discuss student engagement, green jobs, and career planning.

    Agenda items included: 

    1) Possible potential for interviewing iSEE Fellows Minor Grads about their current careers - involving the communications department.

    2) Possible idea for introducing a mentoring program. The idea is to have iSEE fellows grads who are settled into careers serve as mentors for undergraduate fellows in the minor. A program like this would need to have more intentional development and administrative support.

    3) Getting green jobs certifications information onto the iSEE website under the Education Portal

    Stacy & Tony will work on this.


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