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  1. News article about meeting between the university and City of Urbana

    In December 2010, the News-Gazette published an article regarding the meeting between the university officials and the city of Urbana representatives. In this meeting, the university officials would take questions, concerns, and comments about the wind turbine from the people.

  2. University's response to the City of Urbana wind ordinance

    Responding to the ordinance presented by the City of Urbana in September 2010, the university said in an official statement, "The University of Illinois is not subject to city codes and ordinances" and "The real property the University owns, it holds as trustee for the State of Illinois, the beneficial owner, and is not subject to the jurisdiction of the city. As such, the University would not be subject to the proposed new wind turbine zoning ordinance and would resist any attempt to apply the ordinance to the University.”

  3. draft MOU from Jennifer Koys

    Rather than requiring Facilities & Services to submit a proposal for the program, we have created a Memorandum of Understanding, based on our conversations. Please review the attached memorandum and let me know if you have any comments or concerns.

    We are looking to present this memorandum to the SSC for vote on Friday, November 12th in order to move forward quickly enough to start the program in the Spring semester. 

    The remaining piece needed is a formal letter of support for the program from Facilities & Services, indicating a commitment to implement cost effective recommendations and identifying who would supervise the student intern.  To complete the memorandum, we will also need the names, emails, and phone numbers of the primary, secondary, and financial officer contacts.

  4. News article about an update on the wind project

    On October 31, 2010, the Daily Illini published an article about the prospect of wind project going forward. SECS shared that this week the University has taken the first big step towards getting a wind turbine. -- "After years of waiting, wind changing for turbine".

  5. Energy presentation at Undergrad Library

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    Prior to the first Energy Liaison on-site presentation, Andy met with the two library staff that will be staffing the booth and talked about content and logistics. They selected a great location, just inside the West entrance to the Upper Level with a prime display location. They also pulled a book display which relates to energy and sustainability for the Lower Level. They are excited about the display and already have talked about moving it around their organization to continue to promote conservation! The date and time for the display is 10-2 on October 29 in the Undergrad Library.

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  6. SSC funding award letter

    In October 2010, the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) wrote a letter to the Office of Sustainability at the U of I recommending that the wind turbine project receive $500,000 in funding with following conditions:

    1) That all funds provided by the SSC be returned in full if the project is postponed, cancelled or placed on hold.

    2) That all funds provided by the SSC for be expended by December 31 st, 2011 and that a final report of all work completed and accounting of funds spent be provided to us by that date as well.

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