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Install Solar PVs on NCPD (Cancelled)


The goal of the ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering Building project is to achieve Platinum LEED standards and be net zero for outside energy consumption.  To meet that goal, engineers have proposed the use of solar panels atop the ECE building to offset the building’s energy consumption. Complexities of building design have resulted in the building being unable to support a sufficient number of solar arrays to generate the energy required to offset the building’s energy consumption.

With potential funding sources available for additional arrays, the College of Engineering looked to other locations where arrays might be installed to generate the additional energy needed for the ECE building to meet its goals. Located one block away from the ECE site is the North Campus Parking Deck (NCPD).  Engineers for the ECE project have conceptualized installing solar arrays atop the parking deck.  The concept plan would be to install enough solar arrays to generate sufficient energy to exceed the ECE building’s usage, once combined with the building’s other energy sources.



The Parking Department hired KJWW in FY09 to do a photovoltaic array feasibility assessment, in conjunction with a lifecycle study for all parking garages done by Carl Walker.   It was determined that the North Campus Parking Deck is the best option for proceeding with solar on parking decks.


This project was cancelled in favor of partnering with the Solar Farm 2.0 leadership at F&S to contribute renewable energy in support of the Net Zero ECE Building goal.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Phil Krein

    Team Members:

    • Joyce Mast
    • Morgan Johnston
    • Tim Newman
    • Greg Larson
    • Michelle Wahl
    • Tom Skaggs


  • Proposed October 10, 2011
    Proposed by Phil Krein


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