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Projects Updates for Transportation iCAP Team


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  1. March 31, 2017 Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 


    Meeting Minutes 4.3.17

    In attendance:

    Josh Feldman – SWATeam Clerk

    Shuang Chen

    Ximing Cai – iSEE director




    Due to poor scheduling, several members were not able to show up to the meeting. However, it was a good chance for Shuang Chen, a student who is working to update the iCAP portal objectives, to learn about the group. Also, the new iSEE director Ximing Cai was in attendance, and plans to attend future transportation SWATeam meetings.


    Shuang had several questions to ask about the transportation SWATeam’s objectives. Josh answered the questions to the best of his knowledge and also wrote down the questions so that other members of the team could respond via email. Below are the questions.


    -          Can you provide a good overview of the bike plan and the fleet objectives?

    -          What is the main purpose of the UI fleet? Transportation? Construction?

    -          What is the exact amount/percentage of air travel emissions our campus produces?

    -          Which objective do you believe is the most important? Which has impressed you the most, or made the most progress?

    -          How does our bike plan compare with other universities’ bike plans?


    Next meeting: Thursday 4/13 at 1pm

  2. iWG meeting agenda March 28, 2017

  3. iWG meeting minutes March 28, 2017

  4. March 3, 2017 Meeting


    Summary: This meeting served to update and refocus the team, as well as to further discuss Lily Wilcox’s suggestion for her bike-cage recommendation.

    In attendance:

    Josh Feldman

    Morgan Johnston

    Brian Farber

    Pete Varney

    Lily Wilcox - Active Transportation Coordinator

    Topics Covered:

    New IWG chair – Ximing Cai

    Ben McCall has stepped down as the iCAP working group chair and will be replaced by Ximing Cai, who will start on March 1st. Morgan Johnston will serve as the interim chair until then. Ximing wants to tie iSEE to other campus sustainability programs better, and wants faculty outside of iSEE more involved.

    IWG wants recommendations

    The iCAP working group is asking for feedback as to how well recommendations are working from our perspective. They hope to have a summary for recommendations by May. For instance, you might note that it is hard to have faculty engagement, or that the SWATeam isn’t getting enough feedback. If you have suggestions you would like IWG to hear, email Morgan Johnston.

    Bike Parking Cage proposal

    Last semester, Lily Wilcox introduced a suggestion to have secure cages for bike storage in all new parking structures. Those who would like to use these structures would pay for a permit. The team has not yet decided to agree completely on the proposal as we are still working out how to address some specific concerns.

    The most important concern is cost. These cages are expected to cost approximately $60,000, and will be in use for the 30-50 year lifespan of the parking structure. Morgan noted that these cages would likely be in high demand, so we could charge upwards of $85-$100 per year for a permit, similar to universities like Ohio State and Minnesota.

    Additionally, we discussed who the primary customers would be. Likely, the primary buyers would be day-riders and some students. Morgan suggested that we talk to campus recreation about the idea as well.

    Finally, we discussed some of the implementation challenges of the proposal. Brian mentioned that having bike riders in a parking garage create a safety hazard as cars may not be aware of or expect bike riders. Furthermore, any malfunction of the card-swipe system would be a huge inconvenience for anyone who needs to retrieve their bike.

    Overall, we have not yet formally agreed to go ahead with the recommendation but will continue to discuss it until we work out these issues.

    Next Meeting

    Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 16 at 1pm. This meeting will take place on Thursday so as to not be right before spring break.

  5. December 2nd, 2016 Meeting

    Meeting Minutes 12-02-16

    -          Lily Wilcox proposes new recommendation to build bike parking cages in new parking decks. Proposal was submitted to iCap Working Group

    -          Concerns:

    o   Will faculty really use this? Most faculty drive to campus; will they use bikes to get from building to building?

    o   Price is $100 per semester per bike. Price seems too high, and we’re not sure it is worth it for a cheap bike. Also, we are not sure if students would be willing to pay that much. We must look at what pricing options we can come up with.

    -          Benefits:

    o   Overall, proposal was very well received by team.

    o   Other universities, such as the University of Wisconsin, have similar bike parking and Lily says they are happy with it.

    o   A survey showed that there is some student interest in $25 permit student pricing.

    o   This would help the problem of abandoned bikes on campus.

    -          Other Comments:

    o   This proposal would focus on new parking decks being built, but it would also be possible to retrofit old ones.

    o   Having shower rooms in the new parking decks would help so people do not have to be sweaty after riding their bike.


    Spring meetings: Fridays at 1pm, about once every two weeks.

  6. November 4th, 2016 Meeting

    Meeting minutes 11/04/16

    -          Ankit showed us a video showing how some cities like Singapore are using tracking systems ( using cards) to track when people are getting on and getting off. This may improve the bus schedule. We could possibly using cards to track.

    o   MTD would have to put systems of the busses. Would require funds to implement this idea.

    o   Yangfeng mentioned some problems that could be associated with it. We must be careful if changing the bus schedule. Will MTD be open to the idea? It is quite some change.

    -          What we will talk to Ben about: one proposal on campus fleet, proposal on air travel to understand behavior, and parking proposal to change behavior. We will ask him what’s next, what’s on the agenda, and about further tasks to do. We need some more guidance.

  7. October 21st, 2016 Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    Meeting Minutes 10-21-16


                  Josh Feldman

                  Claire Dondival




                  Claire emailed Lance Schideman, professor who works for Illinois Sustainable Tech Center. He hasn’t gotten back to her yet, but Claire will try to see if he can possibly come to one of our future meetings.


    Next Meeting:


                  11/4/16, Friday at 1pm in the iSEE conference room


  8. September 30th, 2016 Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    Meeting minutes – 9/30/16

    In Attendance:

                  Josh Feldman

                  Ankit Singhai

                  Yangfeng Ouyang



    Josh, Ankit, and Yangfeng collaborated to create the transportation poster for the campus sustainability celebration.


  9. September 9th, 2016 Meeting



    Summary: This meeting was our inaugural meeting for the year. On the agenda today was the creation of a team description, a review of ongoing projects, and planning for future meetings.


    In attendance:

        Josh Feldman

        Claire Dondival

    Ankit Singhai

    Yangfeng Ouyang

    Pete Varney

    Lily Wilcox - Active Transportation Coordinator

    Olivia Webb - Sustainability Programs Coordinator


    Topics Covered:


    Team Description

    We collectively crafted our team description for the iCAP portal, which can be found at:


    Project Slides

    Renewable Fleet Study:

    Claire and Petehelped foster a discussion about the current types of alternative fuels for campus fleet vehicles. Currently, natural gas is the only type of fuel seriously looked at. One concern was that the gas CNG, while possible to implement, would be somewhat costly and have little payback unless driven many miles. Electric vehicles were brought up, but are currently not part of the market. Biodiesel was also mentioned, but its performance in cold weather is a concern.


    Staff Mode Shift:

    Lily discussed the ways that this project will reduce single occupancy vehicles. One idea looked at was bike sharing, which has been tried by Purdue but does not have much payback economically. Lily also discussed “It’s your MTD too”, which features social bus-riding trips which introduce MTD to campus employees.


    Bike Plan:

    This was a summary of effort to make campus more bike-friendly. This would include having more, and better, bike parking. UIUC was recently recognized as a bronze-level Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.


    Future Meetings

    We decided that every other Friday at 1pm is a good time to hold meetings. We will be holding meetings in the National Soybean Research Laboratory. Our clerk Josh will send out reminders.

  10. SWATeam Charge Letter for FY17

  11. iWG meeting meeting March 30, 2016

  12. iWG meeting agenda March 30, 2016

  13. Trans007 Campus fleet analysis and Planning recommendation - Returned to SWATeam

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on February 16, 2016, to discuss the SWATeam recommendation, Trans007 Campus Fleet Analysis and Planning. The iWG's final comment was:

    "They have suggested that this analysis is ideally completed by an industry professional. The iWG recommends that this study can be broken down into phases where phase 1 could be done by students, and phase 2 then could be done by an outside consultant (industry expert). Ben will suggest this to the SWATeam."

    Following the iWG meeting, this recommendation was returned to the Transportation SWATeam for further discussion and modification to the recommendation within the SWATeam.

    See SWATeam recommendation Trans007 Campus Fleet Analysis and Planning here.

  14. Trans006 Differential Parking Pricing for Shared Vehicles recommendation - Returned to the SWATeam

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on February 16, 2016, to discuss the SWATeam recommendation, Trans006 Differential Parking Pricing for Shared Vehicles. The iWG's final comment was:

    "Study to determine if differential pricing for campus parking will encourage car sharing.The study of the parking pricing structure and alternatives for changing it can be very complex and involve a lot of issues. Have they addressed this in their recent Parking Master Plan effort? It was suggested to add Brian Farber from Parking to the Transportation SWATeam and examine what has been addressed in their Master Plan, before undertaking this study."

    Following the iWG meeting, this recommendation was returned to the Transportation SWATeam for further discussion within the SWATeam.

    See SWATeam recommendation Trans006 Differential Parking Pricing for Shared Vehicles here.

  15. Trans005 Travel Demand Analysis recommendation - Returned to the SWATeam

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on February 16, 2016, to discuss the SWATeam recommendation, Trans005 Travel Demand Analysis. The iWG's final comment was:

    "What would be the end result? There are many reasons to travel, some are optional and some are not. For example, junior faculty who are working on tenure need to network and engage with other experts in their area. Other times, it may be sufficient to conduct business or the meeting virtually. This is more of a sociological study, maybe a student in the Sociology department can help.  Jess Tang will work with the SWATeam to see if this is plausible."

    Following the iWG meeting, this recommendation was returned to the Transportation SWATeam for further discussion within the SWATeam.

    See SWATeam recommendation Trans005 Travel Demand Analysis here.

  16. Trans006 Differential Parking Pricing for Shared Vehicles recommendation - Submittal

    The Transportation SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG stating,

    "Differential parking pricing for shared vehicles. One identified venue to encourage car sharing among faculty/staff and students is via differential pricing of campus parking permits. The basic idea is to sell parking permits at different prices for different lots, different vehicle types, and different users. The spots in the popular lots shall be sold at higher prices, while those sharing cars (i.e., two or more persons purchasing one permit for one vehicle) or using low-emission vehicles shall receive discounts and/or priority for getting into a popular lot. It is proposed that a study could be performed in two phases, as follows:

    Phase I: Feasibility study that
    1. Conducts a series of surveys to (i) understand the attitude of the parking department, current users, and the general public toward the proposed differential pricing scheme; and (ii) collect information on the campus commute patterns (single vehicle vs. carpool vs. CUMTD transit, origin/destinations, and vehicle types).
    2. Collects data on campus parking capacity, utilization pattern, and demand profile.
    3. Develops statistical/econometric models based on the collected data to inform us about the likelihood for users to adapt their vehicle usage and parking preferences in the context of parking price change.

    Phase II: Pilot implementation study that
    4. Evaluates the effectiveness of differential pricing on enhancing parking capacity utilization and reducing single-occupancy vehicle usage, with possible field implementation on a small scale.

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation complete with comments from all the Transportation SWATeam members.


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