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Projects Updates for Agriculture, Land Use, Food, and Sequestration (ALUFS) SWATeam

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  1. ALUFS006 update

    Hi Jennifer,

    So on this one, Allen Parrish and I didn’t see eye to eye on this and came to an impasse.  In suggesting more trees, he was concerned about the turning movements of the tractors and having trees eventually growing into the swale area.  I didn’t agree as the aerials looked like there was plenty of room for the tractors to maneuver and still be able to plant.  The swale issue too seemed thin.  Ownership and maintenance of the plantings also didn’t seem like something he wanted to take on.  Like I said, we just came to an impasse and I dropped it.  With Allen being gone, we might have a different conversation with ACES.   I will look talk to Doug Wolters and see if he and I can’t sit down and discuss this again.

    Thank you,



    From: Fraterrigo, Jennifer M
    Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 4:22 PM
    To: Lewis, Brent
    Cc: White, Morgan
    Subject: ALUFS006 update?


    Hi Brent,


    Hope you are doing well.


    It came to my attention recently that the ALUFS006 recommendation to increase agroforestry was approved and transmitted, but there is no further information about implementation. I would appreciate a progress update. Thanks much!




    Read more about the ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry recommendation here.

  2. ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan - Successful

    The Sustainability Sub-Council discussed and approved this recommendation at the March 18, 2021 meeting.  The meeting minutes are online at:

    The key next steps are:

    • Form “Sustainable Land Management Committee” with both ACES and non-ACES representation (e.g., iSEE, F&S, UI System, Ag Property Management, Engineering, etc.)
    • Madhu will work with ACES to form this committee, which will focus on incorporating sustainable land management practices on South Farms, extension opportunities, and updating agronomy handbook and recommended set of practices
    • South Farms will ultimately be an example of how to demonstrate sustainability practices and will connect with farmers who are willing and engaged with these practices

    See iWG assessment started for ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan here.

    See SWATeam recommendation ALUFS004 South Farm Management Plan here.

    For future updates on this effort, visit Sustainable Land Management Committee.

  3. Thank you to all FY19 SWATeams

    Dear FY19 SWATeam members, As another academic year is about to begin, we want to first thank you for all of your help moving campus toward the goals outlined in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP). Each of the six SWATeams worked on multiple recommendations last year, and after careful evaluation by the iCAP Working Group (iWG), several recommendations are under consideration now at the appropriate campus units. Additionally, several prior SWATeam recommendations are continuing to show progress, such as the Solar Farm 2.0 project, which is likely to be approved by the Board of Trustees this fall.

    Now, the iWG is gearing up for the drafting of the 2020 iCAP. Last year, we have received a lot of feedbacks from the SWATeams and the student body about the 2015 iCAP, our successes, and our areas for growth. After extensive consideration, we have reorganized the SWATeams as announced in the iSEE newsletter earlier this month. Soon we will be updating the email lists, so please do not be concerned if you are removed from a SWATeam email list and are planning to stay on the new team; all returning members will be added to the new SWATeam email lists, as they are created.

    If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss this further. We thank you for your time, your enthusiasm, and your continuous efforts!


    Ximing Cai and Morgan White

    iCAP Working Group, co-chairs

  4. ALUFS005 VetMed Parking Recommendation - Supplanted by LW002

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for ALUFS005 VetMed Parking, the recommendation was transmitted to Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Lowa Mwilambwe, and Campus Parking Director, Marty Paulins.

    See iWG assessment of ALUFS005 VetMed Parking attached.

    See SWATeam Recommendation ALUFS005 VetMed Parking here.

    Attached Files: 
  5. ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry - Transmitted

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry, the recommendation was transmitted to Dean Kimberlee Kidwell of the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.

    See iWG assessment of ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry attached, saying, "Work with the university landscape architect, Brent Lewis, to develop a plan for adding trees along the Embarras, including costs and requirements, and supporting implementation."

    See SWATeam Recommendation ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry here.

    Attached Files: 
  6. ALUFS005 VetMed Parking Recommendation - Submittal

    The ALUFS SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG, proposing:

    "A redesign of the VetMed parking lot (F27) to reduce runoff to the south, thus preventing runoff from flooding the Dairy Farm."

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation ALUFS005 VetMed Parking complete with comments from ALUFS SWATeam members.

    An iCAP Working Group assessment of this recommendation began on June 7, 2019.

  7. ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry - Submittal

    The ALUFS SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG proposing that the university: 

    "Obtain more agroforestry by increasing trees campus-wide. Initial focus can be along the Embarras river between 1st Street and Airport Road (CR 1100 N), where approximately 32 acres of riparian forest buffer could be planted. Additionally, general addition of trees to campus proper, including on parking lots."

    See attached the SWATeam recommendation ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry complete with comments from ALUFS SWATeam members.

    An iCAP Working Group assessment of this recommendation began on June 7, 2019.

  8. ALUFS Meeting Notes 19 April 2019

    Final notes on iCAP objective reviews were made. Challenges in establishing best management practices were addressed. Team members thought of a possible new iCAP objective addressing them but decided to have the Director of Crop Sciences Research and Education Centers involved with the team to think of other solutions. It was decided that the PWR team should handle food waste issues, as ALUFS has been making the most progress on the production side.

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  9. ALUFS Meeting Notes 22 February 2019

    A plan to gather information on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions tools was intitiated. Many of the goals related to landscaping have been met (for example, incorporation of sustainability into the Campus Master Plan); in iCAP review, the team deicided that more goals would be needed if work were to be continued in this field. The team brought up the impact on food choice regarding greenhouse gases, as compared to transportation.

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  10. Meeting Minutes for iWG February, 2019

  11. SWATeam Appreciation Letter