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  1. New website launched

    CHAMPAIGN, IL – Whether you need to purchase a new bike while at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or are an experienced rider looking to get more involved and volunteer at upcoming bike events, there’s a new website that can help you do it all.

    Bike at Illinois ( is the campus community’s comprehensive bicycling resource, helping everyone have a safer, more sustainable, and comfortable biking experience on campus. The site’s user-friendly, responsive, and accessible design makes getting information convenient while on the go using smartphones and tablets.

    Facilities & Services (F&S) Active Transportation Coordinator Lily Wilcock said, “Bike at Illinois online was designed to bring all campus bicycle information into one easy-to-find location. The response and feedback to the site have been excellent, and students were very excited about it on Quad Day.”

    The Bike at Illinois website includes detailed sections on registering bikes, campus bike rules, and the campus bike center, plus updates on news and upcoming events. 

    F&S Executive Director Mohamed Attalla said, “I am excited to see us launch this new website to showcase and celebrate the incredible efforts underway for bicycling on campus. The potential for greater outreach and engagement with students, faculty, staff, and community will help support our continued designation as a Bicycle Friendly University.”

    Dockless Bike Sharing Update
    VeoRide, based in West Lafayette, Indiana, is the first company to receive a Concession Agreement with the university for deploying dockless bike share bicycles in this area. The company will offer a fleet of 500 turquoise bikes, the maximum number allowed by the pilot program, throughout Champaign, Urbana, and on campus. The dockless bike sharing program will provide individuals with the ability to rent a bicycle through a smartphone app. Users can park the self-locking bicycles at any bike rack across campus or in the cities. For frequently asked questions about the pilot program go to

  2. e-week notice

    New Bike at Illinois Website Launched

    Bike at Illinois is the campus community’s new, comprehensive bicycling resource, helping everyone have a safer, more sustainable, and comfortable biking experience on campus. Need to register your bike, learn bicycle rules, visit the Campus Bike Center, or volunteer for upcoming events? All that information and more is available in an easy-to-use, responsive, and accessible design.

    Lily Wilcock . Facilities & Services

  3. Kick off meeting

    Creative Services hosted a kick-off meeting for the Bike at Illinois website.  Lily Wilcock is now working with them to schedule interviews with various stakeholders. She is using the following message:

    In efforts to improve the experience and safety of our programs, we will be reimagining the Bike at Illinois website. Our first step involves learning about our key audiences so we can determine how we can best serve them online. We’re asking for participants who are willing to give 1 hour interview to our creative team, who will be asking a series of questions and collecting some key insights. This will help us determine what services and information is available, how to best present these in a website, and how we can improve your experience with us in the future.

  4. Transportation iCAP efforts in progress

    Hello Transportation SWATeam members,

    Thank you again for your willingness to help our campus achieve the Climate Leadership Commitments.  There is great value provided by the bi-weekly meetings of student, faculty, and staff representatives evaluating our progress and recommending additional actions campus units could take.

    The following is a list of current activities I am aware of, and suggestions I have about useful next steps.  I am happy to follow up with you on any of these, as needed.

    Thank you very much,



    1. EV analysis for department’s assigned vehicles – Hursh Hazari worked with Pete Varney’s data to evaluate the possibility of replacing some fleet vehicles with EVs.
    2. Pete Varney has established the F&S fleet as a certified green fleet.  Pete, do you create an annual report for the status of that which you can share?  If not, can you provide an update to the SWATeam and to me? 
    3. Last year the SWATeam discussed encouraging additional campus units to get certified as green fleets.  Your team could submit a recommendation for another unit (or more than one) to pursue that certification. 
    4. New EV Chargers – Scott Willenbrock is working on one at the Illini Union + Phil Krein is interested in getting more Type 1 chargers for the North Campus Parking Deck.
    5. Potential EV Study – At the Oct. 11 Workshop for the Living Lab research connections to iCAP, there will be seed funding offered and the study for transitioning to EVs could collect and use data on campus vehicle use.  Pete has example data, which could be used to support the request for seed funding, which could then possibly fund data collection for the study.
    6. We do not yet have new air travel emission data.  iSEE is working on creating a virtual storeroom to offer carbon offsets to campus units to voluntarily buy air travel offsets.  The storeroom has funding for the first 10,000 offsets, but I understand there was a hurdle on selecting appropriate offsets with additionality.  I recommend asking Ben McCall and Scott Willenbrock about it.
    7. A new Mode split survey is needed as soon as possible.  Lily Wilcock intends to bring this as an item for discussion.  We would appreciate it if you would help define the survey questions, and then iSEE can help distribute the survey to get updated figures. 
    8. Bike Plan – I suggest you ask Stacey DeLorenzo to join one of your meetings to give an overview of the status of the Bike Plan infrastructure upgrades.
    9. Lily has funding for a Bike at Illinois website, which Creative Services will develop in the winter and spring months this fiscal year. 
    10. Lily has worked with MTD to offer bus tours to show campus staff how to use the MTD.  We teach all our new student how to ride, but none of the new employees get the personal introduction.  These tours are very successful, when they are organized with a specific department or location. 
    11. Bike Parking – there is a significant capacity issue, which is noticeable just by looking around campus, especially during class hours in the core area.  Lily has a new website that she can show you, and there is an upcoming Bike Census, which your team members should help with.
    12. Bike Sharing – a handful of dockless bike sharing companies are wanting to come to town/campus.  To manage their impacts (imagine bikes in the boneyard) they will be required to obtain city permits.  Lily is asking the SSC to use the funds they allocated to bike sharing for additional bike parking areas in the heart of campus.
    13. MCORE – this project has several impacts on multi-modal transportation.  You can learn more at
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