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  1. 05/03/24 Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi Daphne,


    Have you had any discussion with Housing dining about piloting composting in their catering operations?


    I believe we could encourage them to lead a pilot for that.







    Hi Morgan,


    I just spoke with Thurman today during our final iCAP ZW team meeting, and he has informed me that Dining will be moving their catering operations from Housing Food Stores to Florida Avenue Residence Hall while HFS undergoes construction. For that year, they will use FAR’s existing Grind2Energy. When they move Catering back to HFS, they intend to have a sixth Grind2Energy installed there and ready to use.


    Thank you,


  2. Dump & Run 2024 Announcement

    Associated Project(s): 
      Dump & Run - Donate Unwatnted Items During Move-Out!

    The university’s end-of-the-semester Dump & Run®  event returns next week, making it easy for students and others on campus to donate unwanted personal items at the end of the semester.

    From Monday, May 6, to Sunday, May 12, eight 20′ x 8′ mobile storage units will be placed near residence halls where individuals can donate extra or gently used items by putting them into bulk boxes inside the containers. Visit the F&S website to view a map of container locations and a list of accepted and prohibited items. Unopened, nonperishable food will also be accepted this year at each site. 

    All donations will be collected by local participating charities the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County, and Salt & Light. In 2023, more than 19,780 pounds of goods were kept from reaching the landfill and returned to the local circular economy thanks to participants.

    Dump & Run is a collaboration between the University YMCA, University Housing, and F&S to achieve campus sustainability goals, such as reaching zero waste targets and preventing trash from reaching waterways and landscapes. For more information, contact Daphne Hulse, 217-333-7550.



    University Property Notice



    The transfer of university property will not be allowed. The management or disposal of university-procured items must be in accordance with all applicable State of Illinois and U of I policies and guidelines (e.g., FABweb and the University Surplus Warehouse). For more information about those processes and operations, go to

    Dump & Run is a registered trademark of the University YMCA.

  3. 2024 F&S website information

    Associated Project(s): 

    2024 Dump & Run

    Apr 12, 2024 | 9:36 am

    Recycling containers will be available at the end-of-the-semester to take unneeded, gently used personal items.

    Dump and Run - donate unwanted items during move-out

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    Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Information

    Waste Transfer Station Tour Form


    2024 Dump & Run Location Map

    The university’s end-of-the-semester Dump & Run ® event is expanding to multiple campus locations to make it easier for students and others at the U of I to donate unwanted personal items (no university property will be allowed) at the end of the semester and prevent useful belongings from reaching the landfill prematurely.

    From Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12, eight 20’ x 8’mobile storage units will be placed near campus residence halls where students can put surplus or gently used items into bulk boxes inside the containers. Each day, the containers will be open for donations from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (see the container locations, schedule, and approved items list below). Throughout the week, the donations will be picked up by local participating charities Salt & Light, Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, and Goodwill.



    • Barton Hall/Flagg Hall/Weston Hall/Student Dining and Residential Programs Building
    • Florida Avenue Residence Halls (Oglesby Hall)
    • Hopkins Hall
    • Illinois Street Residence Halls (Wardall Hall)
    • Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls (Allen Hall)*
    • Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (Babcock Hall)
    • Sherman Hall


    *Please note the transfer of university property will not be allowed. The management or disposal of university-procured items must be in accordance with all applicable State and U of I policies and guidelines (e.g., FABweb and the University Surplus Warehouse). For more information about those processes and operations visit

    • Accessories (handbags, belts, scarves, hats, etc.)
    • Appliances – small to medium size (coffee makers, kettles, mini-fridges, microwaves, etc.)
    • Books
    • Collectibles/antiques
    • Computers and equipment (printers, cables, speakers, hard drives, monitors, etc.)
    • Clothing (rips and tears are okay – but must be washed)
    • Electronics
    • Food (nonperishable, unopened – even if past the expiration date)
    • Furniture
    • Housewares (dishes, mirrors, decorative accessories, etc.)
    • Jewelry
    • Linens
    • Lamps
    • Multimedia (DVDs, CDs, records, etc.)
    • Shoes
    • TVs (flat screen only)


    • Broken items (appliances, computers and equipment, furniture, housewares) etc.  – anything that is not really in selling condition
    • Perishable or opened foods and beverages
    • Mattresses or box springs
    • Cleaning products
    • Hazardous materials (paint, aerosols, chemicals, alcohols)

  4. Dump and Run posters

    Associated Project(s): 

    I have attached files for the digital sign and the posters. I will get our marketing staff to add the digital sign to our boards in the next couple weeks, and I have asked them to add it to a future issue of Housing Insider. We already talked about the hall posters, but the larger foam board signs you can also bring to me and I will get them delivered to the halls. To cover all the halls we will need 20. I have seen them produced with the a build in fold out stand on the back, which would make it really easy to place in the halls as opposed to having to get a easel for each sign. But we can make either work.


    Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the design.




    Hi Bryan,


    Thank you for sending these over! I wanted to follow up with a couple of items:

    • I just got notice from University YMCA that we should include the ampersand as opposed to “and,” as well as the used of ® after the name, because YMCA received approval for trademarking. Would it be possible to revise what was created with this new info?
    • Are there standard dimensions for the foam board signs? This isn’t something F&S created last year, so just want to make sure I understand the product we are talking about. Is this something that Housing communications would be able to assist with?


    Thank you,



    The marketing person who typically orders the poster board signs is out of the office today, but she is expected back tomorrow. She is supposed to get me an answer on how we can get them produced when she returns. Until then, here are updated creatives with the suggestions you provided. Let me know if these look good.



  5. Eastern Illinois Foodbank Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi Jenna,


    We met with Eastern Illinois Foodbank this morning, and they are excited about the prospect of working with us. F&S and Dining plan to take on the labor to bring the food donations to the foodbank. At the foodbank, the incoming product can be weighed so we can track that data. We are thinking of having boxes inside of the shipping containers (there will probably be 6-9 shipping containers this year, locations are pending) dedicated to food collection. They take the typical stuff, non-perishable, non-opened, but they do not have any issues with us brining expired food. Their team will go through and make the final call on what is distributed to the pantries. Most students probably won’t have super old food anyway, we suspect. UIUC will fill out a food drive form for the foodbank, and we will work on how to advertise this food drive effort at the residence halls – if you have any suggestions on that part, that would be awesome.


    Thank you,


  6. 02-12-24 Dump & Run Meeting 2

    Associated Project(s): 

    Attendance: Pete Varney, Dan Hiser, Miriam, Bryan Johnson, Thurman Etchison, Daphne Hulse



    1. Determine exact remaining budget for this year (Daphne)

      1. $5,951.38 in SSC fund

      2. $6,992.19 spent for the 2023 program

    2. Identify locations for Orchard Downs & Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

    3. Reassess all previous locations & confirm (Mark, Bryan)

      1. Box truck sizes on Euclid - donation partners

      2. Babcock Hall - inquire with driver on the northernmost suggestion

      3. Sherman Hall - inquire with driver

    4. Inquire with Housing communications team about opportunity for advertisement + communications for Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

    5. Loop in Jenna (Project4Less) into food pantry donation conversations (Thurman, Daphne)

      1. Connected with the Eastern Illinois Food Bank - setting up meeting to discuss logistics

    6. iSEE - what materials will be collected? (Miriam)

      1. Out of office - reconnect later

    7. Assign locations to non-profit partners, once locations are determined (Daphne)


    Action Items

    1. Connect with driver for shipping containers, ensure access to locations (Daphne)

      1. Confirm all locations with Stacey DeLorenzo (Daphne)

    2. Connect with non-profit groups, confirm participation (Daphne)

    3. Confirm graduate halls move out timing (Mark, Bryan)

    4. Marketing materials from Housing - posters, digital sign (Mark, Bryan)

    5. Confirm iSEE’s plan for integration (Miriam, Daphne)

  7. 01-29-24 Dump & Run Meeting 1

    Associated Project(s): 

    Attendance: Pete Varney, Dan Hiser, Miriam Keep, Bryan Johnson, Mark Kuehl, Thurman Etchison, Daphne Hulse


    1. Overview of the budget last year

      1. $6,992.19 spent for the 2023 program

      2. Daphne is determining the number of remaining funds from our SSC award (this will likely be the last year we have funds remaining in our SSC account)

    2. Overview of results last year

      1. Goodwill: 16K lbs (hard household goods)

      2. Salt & Light: 3.5K lbs (soft clothing and bedding)

    3. Overview of this year

      1. Undergraduate residence halls

      2. Explore expansion to graduate residence halls

        1. Orchard Downs

          1. 2 laundry room locations

        2. Ashton Woods

      3. Explore food collection - work with local pantry

      4. iSEE collaboration

        1. Interested in collecting recyclable materials (both that F&S typically collects, as well as special collections)

      5. 3 non-profits interested

        1. Goodwill Land of Lincoln - interested in returning for this year again

        2. Salt & Light - interested in returning for this year again

        3. Habitat for Humanity ReStore - interested in joining this year, wants furniture specifically

    4. Assess last years’ donation site locations (bolded locations were successful, asterisked locations should be reassessed)

      1. Hopkins

      2. Student Dining and Residential Programs

      3. Illinois Street

      4. Lincoln Avenue

      5. Wassaja*

      6. Weston*

      7. Busey-Evans*

      8. FAR/PAR*

    5. Pete & Dan: containers could be opened at 8am and closed at 8pm

    6. Housing suggests that we should look into bolder advertisements in residence halls


    Action Items:

    1. Determine exact remaining budget for this year (Daphne)

    2. Identify locations for Orchard Downs & Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

    3. Inquire with Housing communications team about opportunity for advertisement (Mark, Bryan)

      1. + communications for Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods

    4. Reassess FAR-PAR location (Mark, Bryan)

    5. Reassess Busey-Evans location (Mark, Bryan)

    6. Loop in Jenna (Project4Less) into food pantry donation conversations (Thurman, Daphne)

    7. iSEE - what materials will be collected? (Miriam)

    8. Assign locations to non-profit partners, once locations are determined (Daphne)

  8. Illinois Street Residence Hall Grind2Energy Tour

    Associated Project(s): 

    Members from the ISC, ZeroWaste Interns, as well as Daphne Hulse and Codie Sterner attended a tour of the Illinois Street Residence Halls and their Grind2Energy system today.


    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi Pete,


    Please see attached for the draft we discussed today.


    Thank you,


    Hi Daphne,


    Can you give me an update on this YMCA MOU?





    Hi Pete,


    Throwing this question up to you 😊 Have you had a chance to send the MOU over to Ehab?


    Thank you,



    I meet with Ehab this afternoon and can discuss with him at that time. However, are you working on an MOU with Housing as well? I’d rather give him both at the same time if possible.


    Thank you,



    Hi Pete,


    Yes, I have a working draft of the Housing MOU, too. I’ve attached it here for review.


    Thank you,

  10. YMCA preparing for August Big Sale - F&S supporting

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Marc Alexander <>
    Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2023 1:05 PM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Cc: White, Morgan <>
    Subject: D&R August Work Order


    Hi Daphne,


    At our last meeting we had discussed F&S continuing to support a couple of the hard costs for the August portion of D&R, soecifically the tables and dumpster. I wanted to reach out to make sure we were on schedule for both of those work orders. For your reference I have attached last year's work order, which I think just needs to be updated with the dates and times for this year. I've listed those changes below.


    Additionally, I should have marketing materials for collections and the sale ready by the end of this week, that can be shared with Housing and any other campus units.


    Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions!




    Work Order Changes:


    Tables :

    • DROP OFF: Change to MONDAY, 7/31/2023 by 9 AM to the SOUTH SIDE ENTRANCE
    • PICK UP: change to MONDAY, 8/21/23 IN THE AM

    20' pan/dumpster:

  11. Met with Habitat for Humanity ReStore

    Associated Project(s): 

    On July 7, 2023, Daphne Hulse met with Habitat for Humanity ReStore Director Chad Hoffman and Executive Director Brandon Fischer to discuss participating in the 2024 collection event.

    • Daphne gave a brief overview of the history, and how the operations worked for the 2023 event
      • 8 undergraduate hall locations
      • All locations were shared between Goodwill and Salt & Light, so that hard items and soft items could be separated
      • Daphne indicated the desire to eliminate the "sharing" of containers and to instead have non-profts operate by locations, gathering all that is dropped off
    • Habitat for Humanity does not take any of the soft items listed: clothing, bedding, linens, shoes
      • Suggested that Salt & Light or Goodwill could pick up the soft items left at these locations
    • Would like furniture
      • Agree that it aligns better to target locations which would have furniture, more likely (family and graduate housing)
      • Do not want any damaged furniture
    • Closed Sundays and Mondays, so could not pick up on these days
  12. Tracking/displaying Grind2Energy data.

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi Thurman,


    A recurring topic that’s come up in our zero waste conversations has been the desire to track and display more metrics under the zero waste theme on the iCAP Portal. Grind2Energy data was one metric that was brainstormed, as it relates closely to our Zero Waste Objective 5.5, “Plan for organic waste.” Since Dining already tracks that data, it would be easy for us to get it up on the portal. Would this be something that you’d be in favor of us doing? If so, any input on how the data is displayed (by month, or annually)?


    Thank you,





    Hi Daphne,


    Fate has it that I will be seeing the Grind2Energy people tomorrow at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. I would like to see if this is something that can by automatically updated from our system. They may have some functionality for this and if not, it may be some thing they could create and would be a selling point for them. I will find out the possibilities. I would rather that this be auotmatic so that the data is always current and nobody can "drop the ball" along the way.    


    Assistant Director of Dining - Facilities and Equipment





  13. 5-17-23 F&S and YMCA meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On May 17, 2023 Morgan White, Daphne Hulse, and Marc Alexander met to discuss the future of Dump and Run.

    • F&S will need to provide public functions stuff for YMCA dump and run sale in the fall (use SSC funding - what is left)

    • We will need to create a MOU including what all this means for YMCA and long-term funding for their sale and our spring move out

      • Be sure to include that F&S will support the August sale in a public functions capacity, and supports the continued use of Stock Pavilion

    • Honor the partnership with the YMCA

      • MOU get marc’s perspective, morgan’s perspective, pete’s perspective, housing’s perspective

    • Be clear that there is a spring collection and august sale. They are separate events but all under the Dump and Run name.

      • Phrase example: “The Campus Bike Center is a collaboration between UIUC and the Bike Project of Champaign.”

        • Dump and Run: “Dump and Run is a collaboration between University YMCA and UIUC.”

      • Collaboration means that we sometimes work in different capacities as the university can be so much larger than a small organization

      • Daphne to draft a MOU for F&S-Housing and F&S-YMCA

        • “…Based on x y z background this is how we intend to move forward in our partnership over the years. One year time intervals automatically renewed each year unless a party decides something should change or cease…”

    • Recurring expenses could be argument among us internally to determine who should contribute (Morgan thinks this is a Pete question)

      • Student fees can go to anything

      • State funds to Housing is slightly limited

      • State funds to off campus entities is very limited

    • Timeline

      • Get the MOU signed and approved before move in weekend, so we can proclaim it the way we planned to

      • August for YMCA to rubber stamp it

    • As a general reference, it is good to get things written down and signed on a MOU with existing leadership who support these initiatives, so they continue even when leadership changes

  14. Dump and Run 2023 held from Monday, May 8 through Saturday, May 13

    Associated Project(s): 

    Collections began at 10am on Monday morning and continued through 3pm on Saturday afternoon. More than 16,000 pounds of household items were donated to Goodwill through the program. Salt & Light collected 3,500 pounds of soft items (clothes, bedding, linens