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Projects Updates for place: Proposed Compost Facility

  1. SSC progress on composting project

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    SSC minutes from 10/8/10 include this update:

    1. Compost-Kevin
      1. Met with Ryan Welch
      2. Completely on board
      3. Right now all they have is woodchips and leaves
        1. Used for mulch, and tons of excess
      4. Met with Joe Kunkel from vet med
        1. Director of facilities
        2. On board with anything
        3. Animal science is the hold up, but right now it is composting
  2. Illinois Farm Sustainability Calculator

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    Is your farm sustainable?  How can you make your farm sustainable?  The Illinois Farm Sustainability Calculator can help you figure out these things out.  And it's pretty easy to use.  See the list of tabs on the bottom of your screen?  Navigate through them by using the grey buttons at the top of the sheets or by hitting ctrl+page down (cmd+page down on macs)  In each sheet, fill each white box with data from your farm.  Be sure to make a selection in all of the white drop-down boxes too.  If you don't know something, leave the default number or the default selection in place.  If your farm does not have ten separate fields, leave the extra field sheets unchanged.  Same goes for any extra ruminant, swine, and poultry sheets.

  3. Dairy Cattle Composting Facility study

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    Previous composting study “U08067 Dairy Cattle Composting Facility” reviewed options for full scale complete composting of animal, food, agriculture, and landscape waste.  Study was cancelled before completion because ACES ran into budget issues and the whole Dairy program was slated for potential reduction or elimination.


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