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Projects Updates for ENG 177 GFX Global Sustainability Scholars

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  1. ENG 177 Spring '23 Course

    Below is an answer to an inquiry regarding ENG 177 course availability for the spring 2023 semester. 



    From: Forman, Gretchen M <gforman at> 
    Sent: Monday, November 21, 2022 10:12 AM
    To: Moore, Meredith Kaye <mkm0078 at>
    Subject: RE: ENG100 First Year Experience spring course


    Hi Meredith,


    I too hope you are doing well!  I miss seeing you!


    We will have an ENG 177 Global Sustainability Scholars class in the spring that I will be teaching and I’m hoping we can still partner with you on projects for the students.  This is the class that Angie and I previously taught.  We are partnering with sustainable organizations in Trinidad and Tobago this fall and travelling there in January.  


    We then will focus on local sustainability work in the spring and would love to connect the students with you all and the campus projects as we have in the past.  I’d love to find a time after Thanksgiving to chat with you about the details and to catch up.  I’ll be out of the office on Monday the 28th but have availability the rest of that week or the week after.  Let me know what might work for you.


    Looking forward to connecting with you soon!




  2. SmartWay Project Check-in

    Sinead Soltis checked in with students of ENG 177 to find out more about their project. The students explained that the project concerns increasing the use of aerodynamic elements on trucks to make transportation more efficient. They are going to do this by informing the trucking companies of the economic and environmental benefits of adding aerodynamic structures, such as side skirts, to their trucks, at the Dixie Truck Stop in McLean, IL. Morgan White, Sinead Soltis, and Abby Culloton (lead for the University to obtain affiliate status) will be accompanying them to the truck stop.

  3. Updated list of sustainability projects that need YOU!!!

    This is a list of projects that need students to work on.  It will be updated periodically by sustainability staff members, the last update was 8/30/21:

    • The campus MS4 stormwater permit currently has 49 Best Management Practices (BMPs) that have to be completed annually . One of the 49 BMPs is a Public Education and Outreach requirement to broadcast or publish one stormwater Public Service Announcement (PSA) on social media, radio, television and/or internet. We currently have a couple on our website and would like to keep it up to date with new materials whenever possible. Another opportunity is for a Public Participation and Involvement BMP to discuss and provide opportunity for public input on the Storm Water Program (permit BMPs), climate change and environmental justice topics. This could be met by webinars, PSAs, posters, etc. Contact is Betsy Liggett.
    • Develop informational messaging about SmartWay, get more UIUC departments aware of the program, and coordinate a related student event.  Contact Morgan White at mbwhite at
    • Support the Champaign County Design and Conservation Foundation (CCDCF) Board with their county-wide efforts for conservation and design.
    • Conduct a campus poll (fall semester 2021) regarding the Top 10 most iconic/significant/impressive trees on campus (including the arboretum). Develop an online survey tool (i.e., an online poll) whereby students and campus employees can nominate their favorite campus trees. Upon conclusion of the survey, work with Jay Hayek to tabulate and rank the results and create a publicly viewable ArcGIS Online StoryMap showcasing campuses Top Ten Trees. Prepare a presentation of results for the annual Arbor Day Celebration. Contact Jay Hayek at jhayek at
    • Follow through with Facility Liaisons for implementation of recommendations from NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors class: Illini Union.
    • Follow through with Facility Liaisons for implementation of recommendations from NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors class: Huff Hall.
    • Follow through with Facility Liaisons for implementation of recommendations from NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors class: ECE Building.
    • Follow through with Facility Liaisons for implementation of recommendations from NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors class: Armory.
    • Follow through with Facility Liaisons for implementation of recommendations from NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors class: Bevier Hall.
    • CCNet Website: Work with the Champaign County Sustainability Network (CCNet) leadership team to redesign and publish the CCNet website (old version is online at There is a monthly brown bag sustainability networking event on the Third Thursday of each month, but the website hasn't been updated since 2016. Contact Morgan White at mbwhite at
    • We are seeking a student volunteer who can do tree identification for a series of trees in the Arboretum, and work with the University Landscape Architect, Brent Lewis, and the Superintendent of Grounds, Ryan Welch, to compare the tree identification to the draft tree inventory. Contact Morgan White at mbwhite at
    • Work on outlining sustainable initiatives that DIA can take in support of the Green Sports Alliance. Contact Meredith Moore, mkm0078 at
    • Help iSEE develop a Sustainability Literacy Assessment. Contact Meredith Moore, mkm007 at 
    • Help identify and develop opportunities for intersecting sustainability and the arts (sustainability murals, utility box artwork, etc.). Contact Meredith Moore, mkm0078 at 
    • Develop permanent posters for the Solar Farm 2.0, to guide tour participants at the site. Contact Morgan White at mbwhite at
    • Help iSEE work with Student Sustainability Committee grant to expand small scale campus composting. Contact Meredith Moore at mkm0078 at
    • If you have a project idea, please contact us at, or submit it through the iCAP Portal Suggestions page.
  4. Final bicycle registration sign and work order details

    Please see attached the final bicycle registration sign design in JPEG and PDF formats. We have received approvals from Housing to put up these signs in the major high traffic bicycle parking locations, mainly in the SDRP, LAR, FAR/PAR, and Busey Evans bicycle parking areas. We are also looking at Illini Union and ARC for these signs in this cycle, but dependent on funding.

    Sarthak Prasad has submitted a work order to fabricate and install the bike registration signs at these locations (as mentioned in previous project updates). The Work Order number is 10885468.

  5. Food Waste

  6. Student collaboration: Promotion of bicycle registration system

    Sarthak Prasad met with Shayna Talpallikar to discuss her proposal to promote bicycle registration on campus. Bicycle Registraiton has been mandatory for years, as explained in the University Bicycle Ordinance, and the university should promote it more like that. There is a new national registration system, with a one-time $10 registration fee, and it is available to all - students, faculty, staff, alumni (in C-U area), departmental bicycles, as well as the residents of Urbana, Champaign, Savoy, or any other Champaign County residents.

    Shayna expressed interest in helping us out with this project and how we can achieve it. We discussed two main ideas, and thought adding signage to major bicycle parking areas to be the best option right now. Another option was to have Bicycle Registration days or events across campus where we give out free donuts and raffle option to those who register. However, this idea was discouraged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please see attached some notes from the meeting. A recording of the meeting is also available.

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